Arnav Khushi Love glorified in Star Plus Iss Pyaar

Arnav Khushi Love glorified in Star Plus Iss Pyaar

Arnav Khushi Love glorified in Star Plus Iss Pyaar Manorama jokes that her mother-in-law doesn’t love her. Anjali tells Akash that she wants him to get married soon. She wants to ask about the girl. Manorama tells her that Akash’s wife will be from a rich family. She wants a rich Bahu. Arnav asks Anjali if she is ready. Manorama wants to get impressing Nani. Anjali gets Shyam’s name written in her mehendi.

She tells Arnav that Lavanya is also going to come to the temple on her request. She asks him to break Lavanya’s fast by feeding her the water. Arnav tells her that he is just agreeing for her sake. Khushi feels dizzy because of her fast. Khushi tells Payal that she is fine. Bua ji asks them to go to the temple. Anjali and Arnav reach the temple with their family. Anjali fulfills the Teej rituals and awaits her husband.

She tells Manorama that she wants to wait for her husband’s love, like Parvati used to wait for Shiv’s love. Bua ji tells Khushi that the aarti plate is of silver, maybe it got switched. Khushi realizes that she has taken Arnav’s aarti plate. Bua ji asks if she has stolen it. Khushi tells that it happened by mistake. She gets to see Anjali’s name on the plate. Khushi goes to meet Anjali and return her mannat items. She doesn’t want to fail Anjali’s efforts. Anjali calls up Shyam to make her get the aarti plate. Khushi tells Shyam that she is going to the temple. Shyam takes the rickshaw for their trip. He gets late, while Anjali cries.

Arnav asks her not to get upset. She tells Arnav that she has to complete the puja with her husband. Arnav tells her that he will bring another aarti plate for her. They get surprised to see Arnav’s girlfriend Lavanya in an Indian avatar. Manorama likes Lavanya. Lavanya tries to please Nani. Lavanya struggles in the saree. Arnav gets pleased to see her efforts for his family sake. Lavanya asks Arnav to compliment her. Akash too likes her new change. Arnav smiles on seeing her. He just wants Anjali to be happy. Khushi and Payal try to find Anjali and return the plate.

Khushi comes across Arnav once again. Arnav gets mesmerized seeing Khushi in a pretty saree. He seems to be falling in love again and again. Khushi turns dizzy again. She faints down in Arnav’s arms. He happened to see her in the right moment and ran to her as if she meant a world to him, despite his refusal to his own feelings. He rushes to save her from falling down the stairs. The moment freezes for him when he holds her hand. Arnav breaks her fast in a filmi way and completes her Teej. Anjali finally meets Shyam.

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