Hotstar Joycee Tale of self-inspiration, joy and passion

Hotstar Joycee Tale of self-inspiration, joy and passion

Hotstar Joycee Tale of self-inspiration, joy and passion Deriving inspiration and passion in life is a tough thing in a stagnated phase. A young girl strives to work hard and balance her life. Her mother and grandfather feel they are burdening the girl with their responsibilities. They don’t like to trouble the girl Joycee further.

Joycee thinks his grandpa may help her in the wedding photoshoot of her friend. She tells that her grandpa was a wedding photographer all his life. Joycee feels losing out when she doesn’t meet the work targets. Her boss tells her that she won’t be able to sustain on the job, if she fails to get the deals. He advises her to concentrate on her work. Joycee finds hard to balance her family and also her job. She still tries her best.

She feels something is wrong, since she isn’t able to focus, like a passionate person does. She wonders if she is in a wrong field. After a tiring day, she returns home. Her mother gets much caring towards her. She tells that grandpa’s health is getting worse. Joycee vents out her frustration, since everyone expects her to do everything.

She feels tired of her life, where she can’t enjoy a single moment. She faces troubles in her job as well. She recalls her passion for photography. She fails to buy a camera for herself. She gets happy to know about the best photo contest, where she has to capture the best smile. She thinks to take help from her grandpa. He hunts for the best moment on the streets. She recalls her grandpa. She wins a camera for him. She wants him to follow his passion as well, which could make his health better. She rediscovers the lost joy in her life, winning the best photo contest.

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