Hotstar Originals Exchange Offer Surprising tribute to life

Hotstar Originals Exchange Offer Surprising tribute to life

Hotstar Originals Exchange Offer Surprising tribute to life A retired school principal Shivkumar Pant ponders on his mundane life, where he has nothing to bring in joy. He pens down his emotions on his computer. The computer stops functioning.

The man thinks nothing could get more worse. It was a medium for him to vent out his feelings. He checks for the dealer’s number to exchange the faulty computer. Failing to this, he calls up his son Rishabh, who is busy in his family. He asks for the dealer contact. Rishabh tells that the computer is really old. He offers a send a laptop for him. The man asks him to just try to get help for the same old computer.

Rishabh makes a formal complaint to the manufacturing company. The company head Amit learns about Shivkumar Pant’s complaint. He knows him well and goes to meet him, as the computer mechanic. He tries to check the old computer and make it functional for Shivkumar again. Amit praises his stunning personality. He strikes an interesting conversation with Shivkumar, while repairing the motherboard of the computer. He sends water for Amit by his servant, who also wants Amit to fix his mobile.

Shivkumar makes tea for himself. Amit tells Shivkumar that hard drive and motherboard have got damaged. Shivkumar asks him to fix the parts or replace it. Amit tells that the computer is dead now. He tells that he will find some alternate solution. Shivkumar finds hard to accept the truth that everyone has to leave the world one day. He thinks it was fate that the computer will be dead too. He wanted to use the computer which belonged to Rishabh. He thought he is close to Rishabh, his childhood and memories.

He can’t believe that Rishabh left him to work in US, he settled down with his family. He feels upset that he didn’t even see his grandson till now. He finds hard to live alone. He lives depressed, shouting at himself inside his heart. Rishabh calls him and realizes that his dad is much lonely. He tells that if the computer can’t get repaired, then he will send a branded laptop. Shivkumar doesn’t want any new laptop. He gets stubborn in his decision. He misses his late wife Smita.

Rishabh doesn’t want the conversation to end, feeling guilty. Shivkumar doesn’t think to sound upset on the call. Amit visits Shivkumar again. He brings an exchange offer. He tells that he can give him the best computer with latest software in exchange of the old computer. Shivkumar refuses to accept the costly deal. Amit asks the reason for refusing. He tells that the deal is for free. Shivkumar asks why is the company so generous. Amit tells that company wants to keep the computer in the archive, since its the first ever model.

Shivkumar calls Rishabh to tell about Amit’s offer. Rishabh tells that the offer is genuine, he has received an email from the company. Shivkumar accepts the offer. Amit gets the brand new desktop for Shivkumar. He thinks a new thing will bring a new passion in Shivkumar’s life. He asks Shivkumar for his picture to open a social media account. Shivkumar doesn’t want it. He opposes the social media. Amit learns about his birthday. He informs his friends about their school principal Shivkumar, who is now on facebook. He makes Shivkumar’s account to make him get connected to his students, who respect and love him a lot.

Shivkumar doesn’t identify the people when he receives many friends requests. Amit visits him again and helps him in knowing about the students. Shivkumar tells that he was a principal, but he couldn’t identify his students, grown ups now. Amit tells that social media got all his students back, uninvited. Shivkumar likes their messages. He surprises Shivkumar. He tells that he can see Rishabh and his family, he can talk to them live as if they are in front of them. He makes everything possible for Shivkumar. Shivkumar gets thankful to him. He gets connected to Rishabh’s family. He gets to see his grandson. He celebrates his birthday and gets greetings from Rishabh.

He gets a big surprise when all his students turn up home to wish him birthday. Shivkumar receives their greetings and gifts. Amit meets Shivkumar to wish him. Shivkumar introduces Amit as a service engineer from a computer company. He learns that Amit is his student, who is now the computer company owner. Amit gives his life’s success credit to Shivkumar.

Amit requests him to get back in his old style, since he was known as a panther in school. Shivkumar’s loneliness subsides, when he gets into celebration mood with his students. After fifteen days, Shivkumar finds himself busy, connecting with his family, friends and students. He feels his life got completed. He realizes that he was wrong to resist the change in his life by refusing to accept the technology. He feels thankful to Amit, who has become a son from a student, and changed his life.

Starring: M. K. Raina, Taher Sabbir and Aryan D. Roy.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Hotstar Originals Exchange Offer Surprising tribute to life: 5/5
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