IPKKND Huge storm Starplus Arnav clash with Raizadas

IPKKND Huge storm Starplus Arnav clash with Raizadas

IPKKND Huge storm Starplus Arnav clash with Raizadas Khushi calls up Shyam to request for some help regarding a job. Shyam acts in front of Anjali. Khushi asks him if he can help her get a job at the earliest. Shyam tells her that it will take some time.

He asks Khushi to trust him, he won’t forget his promise and find a job for her. Anjali thinks he is speaking to his friend’s mother. Shyam lies to her. He disconnects the call. Shyam thinks Khushi is really good. He can’t stop liking her. He wishes to marry Khushi, by cheating Anjali. Arnav brings Lavanya home. Manorama welcomes them. Nani isn’t happy to see Lavanya coming.

She tells Anjali that they would welcome Lavanya when she becomes Bahu. Shyam and Anjali ask her to let the Aarti happen. Lavanya thinks Anjali is going to the temple with the aarti plate. Manorama tells that Anjali is going to welcome her with Aarti. Aarti reminds Arnav of Khushi. Lavanya steps inside the house and meets the family. Arnav doesn’t know why he is not able to stop his heart from missing Khushi.

Meanwhile, Payal and Khushi pack their bags. Khushi thinks of Arnav. Manorama praises Arnav and Lavanya’s compatibility. Lavanya tells them that she has made pastries for everyone. Nani doesn’t approve her. Lavanya tells the recipe of the pastries. She tells that she has added eggs. Anjali tells her that they don’t eat eggs, they are pure vegetarian. Nani gets angered seeing her. Lavanya tells Arnav that she is going for a shower. She asks for his room.

Nani and family get surprised seeing their modern ways. Nani stops Lavanya. She refuses to let Lavanya stay in Arnav’s room. Arnav gets too upset with Nani’s move to condemn Lavanya. Nani tells that she is helpless to allow Lavanya in the house, but she can’t let them share the room. Anjali and Shyam get helpless too. Nani turns stern. She scolds Arnav for planning to shelter Lavanya in his own room. She questions his values. Lavanya tells Nani that live-in meaning staying together in the same house and same room.

She answers Nani, and further upsets her with her decision to stay in Arnav’s room. Nani tells her that this won’t happen. She asks Lavanya to stay in guest room. Arnav feels insulted in front of Lavanya.

Shyam tries to calm him. Arnav argues with Nani. He threatens to leave the house. Shyam consoles him. Arnav tells that he will take along Lavanya and go way. Anjali calms down Nani, asking her to give some time to Lavanya. Nani decides to give a month time to Lavanya to prove herself suitable for the family. Arnav tells Shyam that he can’t stay in the house. Shyam handles him well. He asks Arnav to just think of marriage, which matters in the society. Arnav doesn’t care for the society. He asks Arnav to consider Nani’s decision. Arnav tells that he doesn’t believe in marriage, he wants to live life on his own terms.

Shyam asks him to change his life by following Nani’s advice. He gives hope to Arnav. Arnav agrees to Shyam. He asks Arnav not to rush in making decisions, else he will regret a lot, mistakes can’t be rectified always. He puts some sense in Arnav’s mind. Arnav thinks of his mistakes when he has mishandled Khushi. He didn’t wish to hurt her, but he had been wrong because of his ego and anger. He feels he should apologize to Khushi.

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