Gutargu Hotstar Short Drama Romance love tragedy

Gutargu Hotstar Short Drama Romance love tragedy

Gutargu Hotstar Short Drama Romance love tragedy A sweet love story blossoms on a roof top, when a young guy falls for a pretty girl. He gets to catch a glimpse of her. Next day, he waits for her on the terrace. He hides from her dad. He meets the girl in an odd moment. She scolds him for his silliness. He finds her note brought by her pigeon. He gets happy that she is reciprocating his feelings. She gradually falls for him, finding him innocent and caring.

They finally fix a time for their roof-top date. She gifts him pickles made by her. He finds hard to eat the non-veg pickles. He screams because of the spices. She laughs at him. She gets scared of her dad, who would never allow her to meet someone secretly. They meet again, thinking of their relationship’s future.


The pigeons accompany them on their meetings. She runs away when the female pigeon flies away from the roof. He wants to find some way to bring the pigeons together, so that she doesn’t object to their closeness by making excuses. He thinks of romancing her, but finds it funny that the pigeons decide their romance always. He grows their friendship further by tying the pigeons together by a string, signing that the fate is uniting them as well. They stay happy in love. They think their relationship isn’t known to the world. They feel like they are destined to unite and have a happy ending. They soon get shot by her dad, who was much against their blossoming love.

Cast: Mohit Choudhary, Nazia Davison and Pankaj Rungta

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Gutargu Hotstar Short Drama: 2/5
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