IPKKND Khushi departure disturbs Arnav Starplus Superhit

IPKKND Today Hotstar Arnav Khushi strange connect

IPKKND Khushi departure disturbs Arnav Starplus Superhit Khushi and Payal check their belongings before making a leave from Bua’s home. Khushi wants some sign to know if she is taking the right step. She thinks if she shouldn’t leave for Lucknow. She doesn’t know if she can stay back in Delhi and help Shashi and Garima some how. She prays to get some hint if she should find a job in Delhi. She gets in a dilemma.

On the other hand, Lavanya is tensed when Nani allots a big task to her. Nani asks her to prepare dinner for the family. Lavanya doesn’t know to cook. Nani asks her to manage kitchen duties. She asks Lavanya to cook healthy homely food. Lavanya doesn’t even understand the names of the dishes. Anjali and Manorama want to help Lavanya, who refuses to prepare the food. Nani asks Lavanya how will she take care of Arnav if she can’t even cook the food. Manorama tells Lavanya that she has to leave, else she would have helped her. She then agrees to help Lavanya in kitchen.

Lavanya fears the hard work. Bua ji gets emotional that Khushi and Payal are leaving. With a heavy heart, she takes them to the station. Shyam tries to call up Khushi. When she doesn’t answer, he thinks to visit her house. He apologizes to Anjali that he has to leave for some urgent work. He tells her that he will be back soon. Arnav meets him. Shyam asks Arnav to take Anjali wherever she wants. Arnav agrees to accompany her. Shyam doesn’t know where is Anjali going. Anjali tells Arnav that she has to visit a temple.

Arnav gets reminded of Khushi when she talks about her locality. Lavanya wants to impress Nani. Manorama tells that she is ready to give her a cooking class. She likes to learn new things from Lavanya. She wants to be classy and stylish. Shyam visits Bua ji’s house and gets to find it locked. He wonders where did Bua ji go. He wants to find out about Khushi. He gets upset to think that Khushi left the house. He goes to ask the neighbors about them. Anjali guides Arnav the way to the temple. Shyam learns that Bua ji and the girls left for Lucknow. He gets worried. Anjali and Arnav visit the same place.

Shyam luckily gets hidden from them. Arnav gets to see Khushi’s house. He recalls her words. Anjali performs the puja. Shyam regrets to disconnect the call, without listening to Khushi. He wants to find her and bring her back. Anjali gets to see Shyam around. She wonders what is he doing there. Arnav can’t stop himself thinking about Khushi’s words. He goes to see if she really left.

He finds the house locked. He thinks she really went to Lucknow. He feels upset within, unable to get clear of his dilemma. Khushi prays on the way since her goal is to just help Shashi. Anjali calls up Shyam to know about him. Shyam gets to see her behind. He feels he is answerable to Arnav and Anjali.

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