Watch the stars for me tonight on Disney+ Hotstar

Watch the stars for me tonight on Disney+ Hotstar

Watch the stars for me tonight on Disney+ Hotstar Manasvi’s life is mundane. Being a mother of two children and an architect by profession, she feels lonely when she runs out of work. She gets a friend request. She connects with Aditya on facebook. She proves to be the best mother for her children. She tells her husband about not finding any new project.

He suggests her to wait for the right opportunity. She misses the magic in her marriage. Manasvi gets an interview call. She bakes a cake and celebrates the good news with her family. Her husband Abhilash is happy for her. She thanks Aditya for recommending a maid and helping her sort life. She seeks his help in finding work as well. He tells her that he would like to take her on a long drive. She joins a company. She enjoys her work. She connects with Aditya again.

Abhilash goes for his work trip. Feeling lonely, Manasvi checks for some trekking trips. She likes adventure in life. Aditya confesses his feelings for her. Not accepting his feelings, she starts ignoring him, getting more busy in her family duties and work. She doesn’t want anything to threaten her regular life, though she was also liking him. Manasvi bags a project and heads to Mumbai for a couple of days.

She gets inclined towards Aditya, who continues to text her and break her resisting silence. She informs Aditya that she is in his city. They decide to meet for a coffee date. Aditya thinks the coffee shop isn’t a right place to meet.

He invites her home. With some hesitance, she heads to his home. She tells him about the progress in her work. After a successful presentation, she feels her confidence boosted like before. She spends time with Aditya, who had already confessed his feelings. She makes a leave from his city. She invites him to her city, Kolkata. Their connection deepens with time. He asks her if she likes to star gaze. When she responds with a yes, he asks her to watch the stars for him tonight.

Cast: Ramanjit Kaur and Vikram Arora

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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