IPKKND Season 1 Khushi big decision turns surprising

IPKKND Season 1 Khushi big decision turns surprising

IPKKND Season 1 Khushi big decision turns surprising Anjali tells Arnav that she has seen Shyam around. He doesn’t think Shyam would be there. He asks her to forget it. He gets emotional thinking of Khushi and makes a leave. Shyam enquires about Khushi further. Anjali and Arnav get to see him. Anjali calls up Shyam to know his whereabouts. Shyam gets to see her coming. He worries when a person acts friendly and talks about his family.

Shyam tells the man that he will meet him later. Shyam manages to lie to Anjali and Arnav. He cooks a story and states that he is here for his work. He apologizes to Anjali. She feels proud that he is caring towards people. Lavanya gets cooking classes from Manorama. She finds hard to cut the onions. Manorama does all the work on her behalf.

Lavanya tells that she doesn’t know anything. Manorama falls in trouble while helping her. Bua ji gives jalebis to Khushi and gets emotional. Khushi is touched by Bua ji’s gesture. Lavanya and Manorama turn disastrous in the kitchen, while Nani learns about their act. Nani is furious that Lavanya isn’t able to cook. Bua ji tells Khushi that she will find a solution while she makes jalebis next time. She gets an idea while eating the jalebis.

She thinks her idea will work. She asks Bua ji and Payal to support her, since she wants to open a sweet shop in front of their house. She thinks the sweet shop will run and they can earn money. Manorama realizes that Lavanya is not able to manage anything. She thinks its better if she manages it herself. She is helpless to help Lavanya, because Akash’s future depends on Arnav’s marriage. Khushi brings Bua ji and Payal home.

Anjali and Arnav return home with Shyam. They want to know what did Lavanya cook. Anjali is excited to see the dishes. Bua ji tells Khushi that it will be tough to run the shop. Khushi tells her that the temple is nearby and the people will surely visit to buy sweets. Bua ji gets convinced. She asks who will sell the sweets. Khushi asks her to take care of the cash counter.

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  1. I love this serial very mucj. In starplus so many serials repeatedly showing like heybrishth ky kehLatha . Why IPKKND 1 ONLY cut in beginning itself. Iam waiting for please reshow it.


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