IPKKND New twist Arnav Khushi Starplus Highlights

IPKKND New twist Arnav Khushi Starplus Highlights

IPKKND New twist Arnav Khushi Starplus Highlights Bua ji permits Khushi and Payal to open a sweet shop. Khushi wants to earn money soon so that she can help her dad. They get hopeful that they will open the sweet shop soon. Bua ji blesses them since their intention is just to help their parents. She asks them not to get late and come fast so that they begin setting up the shop. They open the shop in the garage area.

Manorama finds hard to instruct Lavanya. Nani wants to see who is behind the disasters in the kitchen area. Khushi shows her proficiency in cooking. She prepares Jalebis and other sweets at the shop. Manorama hides from Nani. Lavanya lies to Nani to save herself. Manorama doesn’t want Nani to know that she is helping Lavanya. Bua ji tries to sell the sweets and ends up scaring the customers. Khushi and Payal want to sell the sweets in a good way.

Lavanya gets caught by Nani. Nani tests her by asking the recipe of the dish. Manorama thinks Lavanya will face Nani’s anger. Nani gets busy and makes a leave. Lavanya pleases Anjali and others by showing off the dishes prepared by Manorama. The family is happy. Manorama praises Lavanya for cooking everything alone. Nani doubts Lavanya’s cooking skills after tasting the food. Khushi waits for the customers.

When some customers come to buy sweets, Bua ji gets much glad. Khushi shows her first earning. Bua ji markets the shop’s special items. Khushi gets cheerful. Khushi gets to see Arnav’s picture in the newspaper. She gets angered on him. She doesn’t want his thoughts to weaken her. The shop starts doing well on the first day. Khushi wants to help Shashi. Lavanya asks Nani to rate the food. Nani wants to know the truth. She questions Lavanya in front of everyone. Manorama answers Nani. She reveals the truth about the dinner, which is actually prepared by her. Nani tells Manorama that she already knew it.

Nani proves to Arnav that Lavanya is a liar, who is cheating the family. She fumes on Lavanya. She calls the food tasteless. Lavanya feels insulted. Arnav turns upset with the happenings. He wants to know what does Nani want. He tells that Lavanya is putting efforts, that’s what matters to him. He asks Nani to put an end to her tests. Khushi and Arnav get connected again by the twist of fate.

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