IPKKND Arnav attempts to trash Khushi’s memories

IPKKND Arnav attempts to trash Khushi's memories

IPKKND Arnav attempts to trash Khushi’s memories Bua ji gets troubled by the fact that the shop isn’t running well. She wants profits to in flow, so that they can help Shashi. Khushi asks Bua ji not to worry for the failing business. She has full faith in her skills and fate. She knows that the shop will run nicely soon. Nani scolds Manorama for helping Lavanya in cooking.

Lavanya feels bad for herself when Nani fumes on her. Arnav tries to console her. Khushi and Payal try to cheer up Bua ji by repairing the old tape recorder. Bua ji also dances with them and forgets the troubles for a while. She is happy that Khushi is encouraging them. Khushi wants them to forget the day and make a new start by welcoming the new day with hope. Khushi hopes that her faith turns true. She watches a shooting star.

She makes a wish that her shop runs well and she is able to help her parents. Nani warns everyone in the family to stay away from helping Lavanya. Anjali and Manorama agree to her. Anjali finds Arnav upset. She tells him about making a wish on seeing a shooting star. Arnav doesn’t think that any star can fulfill his wish. He thinks of Khushi. He wishes that she doesn’t go to Lucknow. He thinks she has already left, since he has seen her house locked. He wants to make his fate on his own. Anjali wishes that someone ends the pain in his heart.

Khushi tells Bua ji that she has wished to get a big order. Shyam is worried that Khushi isn’t in the city. He wants to go to Lucknow and meet her. Anjali finds him worried. She wants to know the reason. Arnav is occupied with Khushi’s thoughts. Nani doesn’t think that she can sleep in peace until Lavanya is there in her house. She keeps an eye on Lavanya. She sees her going into Arnav’s room. She follows Lavanya to stop her. Shyam tells Anjali that he has to leave for Delhi. Anjali asks him the reason for leaving soon. She reminds him their marriage anniversary.

He promises to be with her on their anniversary. She allows him to go. Arnav thinks of Khushi, when Lavanya meets him. He wants to stop himself from thinking about Khushi again and again. Arnav wants her to leave. They have a funny moment when Nani leaves the goat to disturb their romance. She is sure that Nani has sent the goat there. Nani makes an entry in the room to get the goat. She spots Arnav and Lavanya together. Khushi makes a plan to take orders from the nearby hotels and then make their business bloom.

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