IPKKND Shyam ponders over marrying Khushi

IPKKND Shyam ponders over marrying Khushi

IPKKND Shyam ponders over marrying Khushi Nani fumes on Lavanya for not taking a bath and coming for the prayers. She asks Lavanya if she doesn’t want to respect her word. She is upset that Lavanya has no devotion in her heart. She scolds Lavanya and questions her upbringing. She asks her to leave. Nani also refuses to perform the aarti, with an upset mind. Anjali wants to calm down Nani.

Shyam asks Anjali to leave Nani alone for some time. He wants to talk to Nani afterwards. He asks Anjali to let him go for his work. Manorama tells Anjali that they shall go for the breakfast, since the fights will keep happening. Akash and his dad get to learn from other’s mistakes. Akash’s dad asks him not to do love marriage like him. Akash is in love with Payal and wants to marry her.

Khushi and Payal make a strategy to sell the sweets at nearby hotels. They fail to sell the sweets. Khushi doesn’t lose hope. Arnav plans a high profile party. Lavanya rushes to Arnav to inform him about Nani. He tells her that he has to plan a wedding anniversary party for Shyam and Anjali. She gets excited to finally have something. She reminds him about Khushi unknowingly. Arnav doesn’t want to think about Khushi.

A hotel gets an order for Arnav’s party. Khushi learns about the party order. She tries to bag the offer. She asks the hotel manager to taste the sweets once and then decide to give the order. Manager likes the sweet. Khushi tells that she will complete the order. Manager agrees to give them the order on a condition that he will pay them after the order completion. Khushi gets delighted. She gets the sweets order. Payal is worried that they may not be able to fulfill the order. Manager informs Arnav that the sweets will be delivered on time. Khushi has no money to buy the material. She is hopeful that she will get bigger orders once they fulfill it.

Bua ji asks Khushi to mortgage her gold bangles. Khushi and Payal get emotional. Bua ji believes in Khushi’s hard work and dedication. She tells that she will support them to fulfill the contract. Shyam comes home to meet Khushi. He finds Khushi happy to see him. Bua ji likes their pairing. Shyam tells Khushi that she isn’t angry, why is she making the sweets. Khushi shares a laugh with him. She informs him about the big order. He gifts kitchen utensils to Khushi to wish her good luck for her new work. Bua ji blesses them.

Shyam unknowingly reminds Khushi of Arnav. He saves her from getting her hand burnt by the hot oil. She recalls Arnav who has given her a wound. Khushi blames Arnav for being responsible for everything wrong happening in their lives. Payal doesn’t think Arnav is to be blamed always. Shyam agrees with Khushi. He doesn’t want to leave Khushi. He gets tensed to hear Arnav’s name. He wants to marry Khushi. He thinks Arnav may pose a problem for him. Arnav doesn’t want to think about Khushi. He wants to just forget her for once and all. He doesn’t think he is such a weak person. He doesn’t want to lose to emotions and past.

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