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Daily update Alt Balaji Baarish Episode 4 Highlights Anuj takes care of Gauravi. He wants to tell the family about the good news, that Gauravi is expecting. She doesn’t want to tell everyone before confirming the news. He decides to meet both the families on Raksha bandhan eve and break her pregnancy news. They go to meet the gynac and confirm the pregnancy. Anuj gets happy to see his child in the sonography.

Rishi and Shreya don’t feel like celebrating the festive. Padmini tells them that Anuj is coming with his family. Shreya doesn’t think they should come home. Anuj seeks permission from Rishi to come home. Gauravi wants Aniket to keep his cool. Shreya wants to insult Gauravi and Aniket again. Anuj surrenders his property share. He doesn’t want anything from his family. Shreya wonders how did Asmi win over Rohit’s heart.

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Anuj asks Rishi and Shreya to celebrate Raksha bandhan. Anuj wants them to get involved. Shreya tries to anger Aniket and Asmi. She taunts Asmi. Shreya celebrates Raksha bandhan with Anuj and Rishi. Shreya asks Anuj not to give her any gift, since she knows his situation well. Aniket feels insulted. Gauravi asks Aniket to speak to Shreya once for Anuj’s sake and work out on their marriage. Anuj tells Shreya that Aniket has a liking for his colleague in his office, before he ends the marriage, she should talk to him and mend her relationship.

Shreya doesn’t want to talk to Aniket. Anuj convinces her. He thinks Shreya will speak to Aniket well. He is totally wrong in this regard. Shreya misbehaves with Aniket. Rishi thanks Anuj for returning the business and property. He feels he deserves everything. Shreya tells Aniket that she can see his real class. Aniket doesn’t want to talk to her.

He tells Shreya about his good friend Deepti. He tells her that he wants to give their relation another chance. He asks her to divorce him. She tells him that she can’t return to the same hell by accepting him. She agrees to give him the divorce, but on a condition that he breaks Rohit and Asmi’s relationship.

She tells him that he will get free from her once he gets Rohit for her. Anuj asks Padmini to stay with them in their new house. Padmini tells that she is trying to show a right path to Rishi and Shreya. Anuj asks her to focus on Shreya. Shreya compels Aniket. He tells her that she can’t get Rohit, he will not ruin Asmi’s life.

Shreya creates a scene by shouting out that Aniket is abusing her. Rishi gets angered, while Gauravi believes her brother’s decency. Aniket feels Shreya is a psycho. Anuj wants Shreya to tell the matter. Aniket tells Gauravi about Shreya’s condition to ruin Asmi’s life. Anuj overhears Aniket and Gauravi’s conversation.

He misunderstands Gauravi. He confronts Gauravi about her advice to Aniket to get separated from Shreya. She tells Anuj that they can’t force Aniket and Shreya to live together. He feels Shreya isn’t wrong. Gauravi asks him not to shout on her. She doesn’t want to fight with him. He apologizes to her. He tells that they don’t know the truth of Aniket and Shreya’s marriage. He doesn’t want their child to get between the fights. Asmi breaks the good news of Anuj and Gauravi welcoming parenthood. The families congratulate them.

Anuj doesn’t know what to tell Gauravi about Aniket. He doesn’t believe Shreya, who has done wrong with him. He is confused about Shreya and Aniket’s truth. He goes to deliver the diamonds. He loses the diamonds on the way, while thinking about Shreya. He feels miserable. He returns home with an upset mind and crying heart. Gauravi finds him lost and asks the reason. He breaks the shocking fact that he has lost the diamonds, which could have helped them sustain in their financially low life.

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