Hotstar Tanhaiyan Episode 1 Barun Sobti Surbhi Jyoti

Hotstar Tanhaiyan Episode 1 Barun Sobti Surbhi Jyoti

Hotstar Tanhaiyan Episode 1 Barun Sobti Surbhi Jyoti Haider attends his friend Siddhart’s wedding. He gives a saddened speech, revealing his life’s broken phase, which still hurts his heart. Haider and Meera both feel lonely in their lives. They want someone to search for them. Haider remembers the time when his heart broke, when he lost a person dear to him.

He wishes that two incomplete hearts which longed for each other to turn complete. They don’t know that they are going to meet at the same wedding. Haider recalls his past with his brother. Meera cries for her deceased parents. Haider misses his brother, who died after committing a suicide. Meera wishes someone ends her loneliness. She meets Haider and their first meet turns up funny.

Haider and Meera enjoy their time with their friends. Haider shows interest in Meera. He is a playboy by nature. Siddhart asks Haider to not make his wedding speech as a tragedy thing. He asks him to deal with pain and not get into a bipolar life. He wants Haider to forgive himself for his brother’s loss. He wants Haider to bring out his pain. Haider demonstrates his frustration by breaking the furniture. He misses his brother.

He feels answerable to his mum, from whom he has been running away since a while. He then gets into fun mood and forgets his sorrow. Haider and Meera start sharing a crackling chemistry. Meera gets a wonderful surprise when she steps out of her room, fighting with her lonely life. Haider turns out equally surprised to see her, who wasn’t expected. He flirts with her. Meera limits herself from falling for the casanova. She ignores him and thinks he is irritating her. Haider starts liking her seeing her resist him. He realizes that she is equally interested in him. Haider and Meera share a dance and feel that they are already in each other’s heart.

Source Credits: Hotstar.
Year of Release 2017.
Starring Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Hotstar Tanhaiyan Episode 1: 4/5
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