Tanhaiyan Hotstar 2017 Episode 2 Highlights

Tanhaiyan Hotstar 2017 Episode 2 Highlights

Tanhaiyan Hotstar 2017 Episode 2 Highlights Avantika’s past relationship affects her present. Her boyfriend Sameer comes to attend her wedding with Siddhart. She gets upset thinking Siddhart would be reacting loud to know her past. Meera asks her to respect the past relationship and not let the breakup guilt get over her mind. She tells her friends that they shouldn’t judge anyone’s relationship.

Haider and Meera have their same flirting going on. Avantika makes an excuse to send away Sameer. She doesn’t want Siddhart to judge her wrong. Haider puts Meera in a fix by asking her to spend time with her. Meera fails to resist her charm. She gets too drunk. Meera confronts Haider about his message. She agrees to spend time with him and shows that she is ready to his request. Haider and Meera get away from the crowd and spend romantic time together.

Sameer apologizes to Avantika for coming to attend the wedding. She tells him that he should have not come. He wishes her all the best. He makes a leave, which makes Siddhart question Avantika. She hides her past from Siddhart. Vishal asks Tanya and Rashi to come for dinner. They want to have enough drinks first. Meera tells Haider that she is ready to move on with him, since she isn’t broken.

She wants to prove that she is strong enough to handle anything. She breaks down emotionally. Haider gets to see her unseen side, a depressed person. He consoles her and puts her to sleep. Later in the morning, he fools her by lying about the night. She doesn’t remember their conversation. He laughs at her innocence. Meera doesn’t believe him. He gets convincing with his talks. Meera rushes away from Haider’s place. He gets interested to know more about her life’s saddening part, realizing she is also a lonely incomplete soul like him.,/p>

Source Credits: Hotstar.
Year of Release 2017.
Starring Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Tanhaiyan Hotstar 2017 Episode 2: 4/5
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