IPKKND Arnav confronts Khushi Shyam astonished

IPKKND Arnav confronts Khushi Shyam astonished

IPKKND Arnav confronts Khushi Shyam astonished Anjali tells Shyam about Khushi, who got the contract for the sweets. He fails to hear about Khushi. Anjali wants Shyam to meet Khushi and Payal, who would be glad to meet the family. Nani attends the guests. Khushi finds Arnav thanking the guests for coming.

She doesn’t care for the party commencing. Arnav introduces Anjali and Shyam, the perfect couple. He wishes that they always stay together. Khushi fails to see Shyam in the party. Lavanya tells Shyam that she has a surprise for him. Shyam and Anjali receive the gifts and wishes from their friends. Khushi tries to see Anjali’s husband. Payal asks her to focus on work. Khushi tells that she couldn’t see Anjali’s husband. Manorama asks them to serve the sweets, and stop their drama.

Anjali is very happy when Shyam expresses much love for her. Shyam tells everyone that Anjali is very special to her. Akash treats the guests nicely. Nani dislikes Lavanya’s friends. She likes girls who are simple and homely. Arnav gets angered to see Khushi in the party. Khushi tries to stay away from him. Anjali tells Khushi that she will introduce her to Shyam. Manorama hinders them. She asks Khushi to do her work. Khushi tells that she isn’t their servant to work in the party.

Payal asks Khushi to keep her cool and not spoil anything. Khushi and Payal serve the drinks to the guests. Payal wants the order to get completed, so that they can leave for home. She awaits the payment. Akash helps Payal in her work. He shows his caring and kind personality. Manorama doubts that he has developed a liking for her. Payal thanks him. Manorama learns that their story has already started. She doesn’t want the story to turn into a love story. She suspects that Payal has got the sweets contract just to have contacts with Akash.

Arnav confronts Khushi about returning back when she had claimed to leave the city. She tells him that she was helpless. He asks her the reason for coming home. She tells him that she didn’t know that he is the client, else she would have not taken the contract. Arnav insults her. Lavanya questions Khushi about her visit. Khushi makes a leave. Her anklet falls there. Arnav gets to see the anklet. Lavanya takes him for the surprise. She gets the dancers for a rocking performance, which doesn’t surprise the family, but shocks them.

Nani feels Lavanya isn’t a right girl for Arnav. Shyam gets to see Khushi in the party. He gets scared that his truth will come out. Anjali doesn’t let him go anywhere. She wants Shyam to meet Khushi. Lavanya gets drunk and gets into an upsetting argument with Nani. Arnav loses his cool when Lavanya insults Nani in the party.

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