Tanhaiyan Episode 4 Meera’s past secret reveals

Tanhaiyan Episode 4 Meera's past secret reveals

Tanhaiyan Episode 4 Meera’s past secret reveals Haider faces his life’s low when he turns on the laptop and recalls his times with Raza. He fails to see Meera’s picture on Raza’s laptop screen. He learns that Raza was in love with someone. He tries to find out the truth of Raza’s past. He tries to unlock the hard drive. He fails to crack the password.

Meera gets ready for her special date with Haider. She recalls the time when she lost her dear ones. Siddhart tells Haider about the earrings which his mum gifted to Raza’s lover. Haider has no idea about the girl in Raza’s life. Meera wears the same earrings in the wedding. Avantika stays stressed about her wedding. Meera’s secret could have got revealed to Haider. She changes the earrings in the last minute and goes to meet Haider. Haider feels attracted towards her. He compliments her stunning looks. Avantika feels guilty to lie to Siddhart. She goes after Siddhart to confess the affair with Sameer. Haider gets to hear her confession.

Haider stops her from ruining her relationship with Siddhart. He asks her to be true to Siddhart, since being true isn’t the hardest thing. She asks him to be true in his life as well. She wants him to reveal the truth of Raza’s death, since he was responsible for it. Raza was Haider’s shadow. He didn’t feel he existed without Haider. Haider’s decision to shift to London had left a big impact on Raza. Haider feels Raza had committed suicide because of him. Raza’s memories bother him. Haider finds solace in Meera’s company. They get intimate, while Meera’s changed behavior looks really weird. Meera tries to limit herself from thinking about her.

Source Credits: Hotstar.
Year of Release 2017.
Starring Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Tanhaiyan Episode 4 Hotstar: 3/5
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