IPKKND Hotstar Classic Arnav Khushi party drama

IPKKND Hotstar Classic Arnav Khushi party drama

IPKKND Hotstar Classic Arnav Khushi party drama Shyam gets a huge shock when he sights Khushi in the party. He makes an excuse and leaves from the party to avoid Khushi. Nani scolds Lavanya for organizing the dance performance. She taunts on Lavanya’s character. She doesn’t like Lavanya’s modern ways. Lavanya thinks to take a drink to keep her mind cool. She goes to check the gifts to get the champagne. Shyam calls up Anjali to inform her about his friend’s accident.

He tells that he has to help his friend and can’t come back home. Anjali gets upset. He escapes the troubles by fooling Anjali. Anjali asks Shyam to take his time and help his friend. He asks her to be cheerful and not shed tears. He promises to meet her soon. He gets troubled by his dual life. He didn’t know that Khushi will be turning up in the party and causing his departure. Lavanya gets drunk. Arnav learns that Shyam left to help his friend.

Anjali tells him that she is fine. Arnav asks him to wait for Shyam’s return. Anjali tells that it doesn’t look good if Shyam isn’t in the party, they shouldn’t make the guests wait for long, she should cut the cake on time. Arnav asks the guests to join for the cake cutting. When Anjali is questioned about Shyam, Arnav gives a clarification. Manorama asks Anjali to punish Shyam by not keeping the cake for him. Anjali cuts the cake. She gets blessings from the family. Anjali feels tired to answer the guests about Shyam’s leaving.

Khushi finds Anjali crying. She consoles Anjali. Nani finds Khushi a nice person to cheer up Anjali. Khushi tells that the party celebration is just to show the world, the real thing that matters is a relation between a couple. She asks Anjali to be happy that her marriage is really strong. Khushi makes Anjali smile. Manorama spoils the sweets to trouble Khushi. She finds Lavanya drinking. Manorama wants Khushi to lose the contract money. She creates a scene by putting lemon juice over the sweets. Manorama asks the manager to cancel Khushi’s contract. Khushi and Payal get speechless. Manorama confronts the manager and angers him. Khushi gets troubled.

Manager blames Khushi for bringing the sour sweets intentionally to spoil the party. He refuses to give any money to Khushi. He asks her to dump the sweets and not serve it in the party.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode IPKKND Hotstar Classic Arnav Khushi party drama: 3/5
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