IPKKND Khushi timely smart move surprises all

IPKKND Khushi timely smart move surprises all

IPKKND Khushi timely smart move surprises all Manager asks Khushi to take the sweets with her and leave as soon as possible. He goes to complain about her to Arnav. Khushi feels tensed. She was hoping to collect the money. Arnav consoles Anjali. Manorama tells Nani and Anjali about Khushi. Nani doesn’t believe her. She has seen the sweets before. Khushi turns angry and makes jalebis to calm down. She tells Nani and Anjali that she didn’t make any sour sweets.

Nani likes the jalebis. She asks Khushi to make more jalebis. Anjali also likes the jalebis a lot. Khushi defends herself. Anjali believes her. Nani gets impressed with Khushi. Anjali asks Khushi to serve the jalebis and forget the problem. Manorama’s plan fails when Anjali cheers up Khushi. Khushi serves the jalebis and saves the day. Anjali thanks Khushi. Arnav watches Khushi working hard. Nani praises Khushi for managing everything smartly. Lavanya wants Nani to sing her praise. She gets insulting Nani in the party, after Khushi and Payal make a leave.

Arnav asks Lavanya to get to senses and stop it. Anjali gets worried seeing Lavanya misbehaving with Nani. Lavanya tells that Nani is so torturing that she is much troubled in Raizada house. Nani knew Lavanya isn’t a nice girl, suitable for Arnav. Lavanya proves it by mocking Nani. Khushi and Payal reach home and give the bad news to Bua ji that the sweets got spoiled and they didn’t get the money from the client. Bua ji gets worried for the big loss. Khushi wants to know how the sweets got spoiled. Bua ji doesn’t know how to cover the loss. Khushi didn’t wish to trouble Bua ji. Lavanya gets conscious. Arnav helps her get rid of the hangover.

He scolds Lavanya for creating a scene in the party. Lavanya clarifies that she didn’t intend to do anything such. She seeks his help to rectify her mistake. Arnav asks her to apologize to everyone in his family. Shyam returns home after the party gets over. He gets a gift for Anjali and apologizes to her. He succeeds to please her. He lies to her about his friend. Anjali tells him about Khushi’s consoling words. She praises Khushi. Shyam is worried. He asks her to focus on her house problems first. Nani stays furious about Lavanya.

Manorama asks her to forgive Lavanya, since all the guests didn’t see Lavanya’s reality. Nani doesn’t want to forgive Lavanya at any cost. Anjali wants Nani and Arnav to be at peace. Nani tells them that Khushi is younger than Lavanya, but she is more sensible and good-valued. She tells that Khushi is far better than Lavanya. Anjali agrees with Nani. Nani tells that Lavanya can never become like Khushi. Lavanya comes up with an apology.

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