IPKKND Today Hotstar Arnav Khushi strange connect

IPKKND Today Hotstar Arnav Khushi strange connect

IPKKND Today Hotstar Arnav Khushi strange connect Bua ji gets troubled by the fact that Khushi lost the contract money. She asks Khushi not to get any big ideas from now on. Khushi and Payal get upset, realizing they have let down Bua ji. Bua suggests them to call the manager and request him for at least half payment.

On the other hand, Nani sings praises of Khushi in front of Lavanya and Anjali. Lavanya apologizes to Nani. Anjali and Manorama think Lavanya has realized her mistake. They suggest Nani to forgive Lavanya. Khushi tells Bua ji that the contractor refuses to pay any money. Bua ji didn’t know that this would happen. Shyam calls up Khushi and expresses his grief about her financial losses. Khushi asks Shyam how did he know about it. Shyam asks her to share the matter. Khushi tells Shyam that she had mortgaged Bua ji’s bangles.

Shyam asks her not to worry, he will solve her problem. He asks her to bear Bua ji’s scolding, until he arrives. Khushi gets a relief after talking to him. Shyam asks Nani to forgive Lavanya, being an elderly person. Nani isn’t in a mood to let go Lavanya. Khushi gets cheered up, hoping things will get fine with Shyam’s coming. Payal tells Khushi that her anklet is missing. Khushi doesn’t remember where she has lost it. Arnav gets Khushi’s anklet. He misses Khushi, but isn’t able to recognize his feelings. Shyam also misses Khushi and feels helpless that he is with Anjali. He thinks he can find a solution easily.

Anjali gets an idea to meet Khushi to solve Lavanya’s problem. He asks Anjali to not take stress about the house problems. Anjali decides to hire Khushi to train Lavanya, so that Nani gets impressed. She doesn’t share her idea with Shyam. Later, Shyam meets Bua ji and Khushi. He promises to sort all the problems in the house. Khushi and Payal tell him about the contractor. Bua ji asks him to explain the contractor that they aren’t at any fault. Shyam asks them to forget whatever happened and think of ahead. He suggests Khushi to go to Lucknow and start some new business. Khushi doesn’t listen to him.

She tells that she will find some solution. Anjali takes Manorama to Khushi’s house to solve Lavanya’s problem. Bua ji asks Shyam why is he asking Khushi to leave. Shyam wants his tensions to end. Shyam gets worried to see Anjali coming to Khushi’s house. He quickly makes a leave to avoid her. Bua ji finds his behavior strange. Manorama doesn’t want to meet Khushi. Anjali tells her that they have to take Khushi’s help, so that their problems come to an end. Bua ji gets surprised to meet Anjali. Anjali gets a job offer for Khushi. She asks her to train Lavanya for becoming a good daughter-in-law.

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