Shakti Colors New airing Bundles of surprising twists

Shakti Colors New airing Bundles of surprising twists

Shakti Colors New airing Bundles of surprising twists In the last home-shoot video, Virat surprises Heer by singing a birthday song for her. Heer doesn’t get too happy. She wanted to celebrate with her entire family, but is helpless due to the lockdown. Virat doesn’t want her to get sad. She is very special for him. He wants her birthday to get special. He calls Soham and shares his idea of making her birthday special.

Soham tells him that Heer’s birthday won’t be spent just like that, they will make it special. He calls up Rohan to get his ideas. Rohan doesn’t like to involve Virat. Soham tells that its actually Virat’s idea. Soham gets everyone else on the video call. He shares Virat’s idea. He tells Dadu that he wants to know if Soham has convinced everyone. Dadu asks him to have patience until Harak’s family is convinced.

Virat gets happy when Harak and everyone join him on the video call. Harak makes a plan to order a cake. Veeran asks Shanno to bake the cake. He sings a praise. Everyone gives their inputs and plan a virtual party for Heer. Harak doesn’t understand the concept of a virtual party. He asks how will they outsource the party preparations. Virat’s Dadu asks him to let the children handle the virtual party. Harak wants to wait till the evening and know the new thing. Soham asks them not to let Heer know about their surprise. The family members begin to surprise Heer.

Virat calls up Heer and gets her wishes from the entire family, making her day special. Virat tells Heer that Dadu had made a lovely collage for her. Heer turns emotional seeing their love. She expresses her gratitude to them. She tells them that she will not forget her best birthday. She likes their surprise, filled with special dance performances and sweets gestures. Heer is proud to tell everyone that her family is the best one in the world. The show resumes its shooting and will soon present fresh episodes, continuing the story from Heer and Virat’s Karwachauth mega-twists.

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