Tanhaiyan Episode 7 Haider turns lucky with Meera’s love

Tanhaiyan Episode 7 Haider turns lucky with Meera's love

Tanhaiyan Episode 7 Haider turns lucky with Meera’s love Haider heals his pain by speaking to Raza’s mother. He feels sorry that he wasn’t with Raza in his painful phase. Raza’s mother asks him to move on in life by falling in love. She tells that love will teach him to live his life. She asks him not to let his love go away. Haider agrees to her. Siddhart informs him that Meera is leaving.

Haider reaches Meera to surprise her during her farewell. He declares his love to Meera. He tells her that he won’t let her go now, since someone taught him to hold her back. He proposes Meera. He wants to leave his old memories and make new memories with Meera. Meera accepts his proposal and reciprocates his love. They have a moment. Their friends congratulate them. Avantika confesses love to Siddhart. She turns brave to admit the truth of her affair with Sameer.

Siddhart receives a shock. He apologizes to her. Haider doesn’t think Siddhart will break the alliance. Haider tries to make Meera jealous by flirting with someone. Meera tells him that she isn’t jealous. Meera pulls a prank on Haider. She tells him that their faith will keep them together. She wants a promise from him. He is ready to promise his loyalty to her. She tells him to love her as long as his heart allows him, if he falls in love with someone else, then he would tell it to her first. She confesses that she truly loves him and doesn’t want to bound him. She respects him and gives him all the freedom. Haider loves her even more after hearing her sensible words.

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