IPKKND Anjali warns Khushi Shyam comes forward

IPKKND Anjali warns Khushi Shyam comes forward

IPKKND Anjali warns Khushi Shyam comes forward Anjali and Manorama visit Bua ji’s house. Manorama and Bua ji throw tashan at each other. Bua ji tells that she isn’t Khushi’s mother, but her aunt. Manorama tells that she is Arnav’s aunt. Khushi gets surprised to see Anjali and welcomes her. She introduces them to Bua ji. Bua mocks Manorama’s jewelled up look. Manorama asks if they will not welcome the guests.

Bua ji and Manorama get into a bitter argument. Anjali calms them down. She tells Bua ji that she has come with a job offer for Khushi. She hopes that Khushi accepts the offer. She asks Khushi to work for Raizada family, instead Arnav’s company. She wants Khushi to train Lavanya. Bua ji laughs on the job. She asks why does Lavanya need a training. Manorama jokes on Nani, who is not less than a hitler. Anjali asks Khushi not to let her down and just help her.

She wants Khushi to make Lavanya qualify in Nani’s sight. Arnav tells Lavanya that he can do anything for Anjali’s happiness. He doesn’t want her to upset Anjali. Lavanya asks him if anyone else is also important in his life. He gets thoughts of Khushi. Anjali asks Khushi to take it as a job, for which she will be paid. She knows that just Khushi can do the job. She tells that Nani will be glad to see her. She asks her to help out Lavanya. Khushi refuses to accept the offer. Anjali asks her about the issue with Arnav. Khushi tells that Arnav has troubled her, she can’t work for him. She declines the offer again and again.

Anjali fails to convince her. She gets an idea to compel Khushi. She reminds Khushi about the contract. She asks Khushi to pay one lakh rupees if she wants to breach he contract. Khushi gets in deep trouble when Anjali asks her to be ready to pay the money. She hopes to hear a yes from Khushi. Bua ji can’t pay the money. She doesn’t want Khushi to put her in more loss. Manorama is sure that Khushi will accept the offer. Khushi gets in a big dilemma. Anjali leaves the decision to Khushi. Shyam meets Khushi and learns about Anjali’s job offer. Khushi gets against Anjali, who has also threatened her with a penalty. She feels helpless because of Anjali.

Shyam tells Khushi that he can help her in arranging one lakh rupees to pay Anjali. He asks Khushi not to work against her willingness in Raizada house. Khushi tells him that Anjali is just like Arnav. He calms down Khushi. Bua ji gets happy that Shyam is helping out Khushi. Shyam tells her that he will take her responsibility. Khushi doesn’t understand his word that he is interested in marrying her.

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