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Baarish Episode 13 Gauravi makes a decision

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Baarish Episode 13 Gauravi makes a decision Rohit and Asmi head for their honeymoon, unaware that Shreya is following them. They learn about a surprise awaiting them. Asmi gets excited for Rohit’s surprise. Rohit has no idea about her. Anuj finds the dinner prepared by Gauravi. He misses her at home. Gauravi texts him to have the dinner.

Rohit and Asmi get surprised to meet their friends. Rohit wants to know who has planned the surprise. Shreya meets them to shock. She apologizes to them and asks them to forget her past mistakes. Rohit and Asmi enjoy the party with their friends. Asmi believes Shreya has changed. She thinks Shreya has forgotten Rohit. Shreya spikes Rohit’s drink. She makes sure that she sends Asmi away. Rohit looks for Asmi. Shreya tells that Asmi would have gone to the room. She drops Rohit to his room.

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She tries to create a misunderstanding between Rohit and Asmi. Shreya lies to Asmi. Asmi shouts at Rohit and leaves him. Rohit calls up Aniket to tell about Shreya’s shocking act. He tells that Asmi left from the resort and isn’t answering his calls. He wants to clear Asmi’s misunderstanding. Asmi returns home to reveal about Rohit and Shreya’s affair. Gauravi doesn’t think that Rohit is wrong. Asmi asks her about not answering Anuj’s suspicion. Gauravi asks Asmi to talk to Rohit and end the issues. Aniket calls Rohit home. Asmi refuses to talk to him. Rohit seeks help from Anuj and Gauravi.

Anuj agrees to meet him for the sake of Asmi. Gauravi brings Asmi to Rohit. Rohit tells them that he was over drunk and doesn’t remember about Shreya. Anuj doesn’t want him to blame Shreya. Rohit tells Anuj that Shreya is wrong. Anuj doesn’t understand why Rohit was with Shreya. He vents out his frustration on his failing marriage as well. Gauravi doesn’t want him to assume wrong things. She feels ego ruins a beautiful relation. Anuj and Gauravi ask them to think about their love. Anuj feels his marriage always lacked love. He calls his love relation a compromise. Gauravi loses her cool on hearing him. Anuj asks her to end their relationship. She decides to not let anyone run her life.

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