YRKKH Shoots begins Airing expected soon

YRKKH Shoots begins Airing expected soon

YRKKH Shoots begins Airing expected soon In the last episode (last aired) of the show, we have seen some sweet romantic moments between Kartik and Naira, who were partly busy in throwing a party for Dadi. The pandemic effects had become a part of the storyline, since the story had presented the safety measures, highlighting the need for social distancing. The Goenkas plan Dadi’s birthday secretly.

Suwarna tells Dadi that they have cancelled the birthday plans, after the cancellation of the hotel booking. Dadi gets depressed for a while, but understands the need of social distancing when a fast spreading pandemic is taking a toll on many lives. Dadi thinks to celebrate her birthday later on, with her grandsons. She is more than excited to be with her family during the lockdown period, where as Singhanias suffer a bad time that Naksh and Kirti aren’t able to come home with Krish from London.

The lockdown phase is nicely highlighted. Kartik and Naira bring the concept of living in the moment, happy or troubled, spreading happiness in the happy by using their maximum wits. They want their family to stay secured. Kartik and Naira’s romance also gets affected by the social distancing. They still steal some wonderful moments. Kartik loses his heart to her again and again. He wishes that their life never changed, they stay together and don’t face any separation due to any inter-personal relations or any scary pandemic. Kartik and Naira want their dreamy romance and reality to be the same.

The viewers missing Kartik and Naira’s romance would be getting to watch them together again, with the story going ahead from Dadi’s birthday party celebrations. The story will change a bit with the cast being cropped down for the new shoots resuming. Kartik and Naira are the integral characters in the story. Their daughter Kaira will be seen making an entry. The story may drift a little with Kaira’s entry getting postponed.


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