Baarish Altbalaji Episode 15 Unspoken longing for love

Baarish Altbalaji Episode 15 Unspoken longing for love

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Baarish Altbalaji Episode 15 Unspoken longing for love Manit and Gauravi rush to help Anuj. They meet Anuj at the police station. Manit tries to bail out Anuj. Manit asks Anuj to not worry and give him some time to get evidence against Rakesh, who is running a diamond smuggling racket. He doesn’t doubt Anuj’s capabilities. Manit tells Anuj that he will get Rakesh exposed. Anuj doesn’t believe him. He argues with Gauravi. He tells that Rakesh isn’t a smuggling, Manit is dragging him into the matter. Manit tells that he didn’t know about the raid.

He asks Anuj to cooperate. Rakesh gets informed about the raid. He tells his friend that Anuj can’t get saved by Manit’s help. He wants to help Anuj in getting free so that Anuj gets indebted to him all his life. Gauravi tells Anuj that he shouldn’t believe Rakesh now. Anuj asks her why did she get him arrested by informing the officials. He thinks Manit and she had planned this. He asks Gauravi if she believes Manit. She defends Manit. He tells her that she loves Manit and wants to be with him.

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He regrets that he was making their future better, but he failed to save their future. Gauravi breaks down. Manit apologizes since he isn’t able to bail out Anuj. Gauravi determines to help Anuj. Rishi informs Shreya that Anuj is caught for the diamond smuggling. He is happy that Anuj and Gauravi are getting separated. Shreya doesn’t want Anuj to suffer in the jail. She asks Rishi to keep an eye on Phalguni, who is getting inclined towards Anuj. Rishi gets angry on knowing this.

Later, Phalguni meets Anuj and fills his ears against Gauravi. She asks Anuj to let Gauravi go. She shoulders Anuj in his suffering phase. She asks him to divorce Gauravi, so that she can marry Manit. He tells her that Gauravi won’t be able to talk to him directly. He gets ready to divorce Gauravi for the sake of her happiness. Gauravi tells Manit that Anuj is mistaken about them, that she loves Manit and wants to get free from the marriage. She tells Manit that Anuj is getting mad. Manit likes their love story. He doesn’t want them to fight. He asks her to talk it out. She tells that Anuj feels he is much sensible.

She wants to scold Anuj. She receives the divorce papers sent by Anuj. This breaks her heart. She shocks Manit by showing the divorce papers. He can’t believe that Anuj is seriously believing their affair. He didn’t imagine that Anuj is distanced from Gauravi emotionally. He thinks Anuj has really gone mad to suspect his doting wife. Gauravi sheds tears. She tells Manit that she will talk to Anuj once he comes out of this legal mess. Manit seriously worries for her marriage.

Anuj asks Phalguni to pass his message to Manit. Phalguni calls up Manit and gives Anuj’s message, that Manit isn’t Anuj’s lawyer from now. Anuj gets bitter with time. Gauravi misses her good times with Anuj. Gauravi’s complicated pregnancy gets known to her family. The family worries knowing about Anuj’s arrest and also the divorce matter. Asmi and Aniket want to help Gauravi. Anuj and Gauravi cry for each other. They have an unspoken longing.

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