Colors Barrister Babu Choti Sardarni New promos Date

Barister Babu Anirudh loud defense for Bondita

Colors Barrister Babu Choti Sardarni New promos Date Choti Sardarni latest promo gets an interesting dramatic peak. The show starts 13th July 2020 and brings the same story resuming from the same point. The doctor asks Sarabjeet to take the decision soon. Sarabjeet yells at the doctor. He adds that he can’t take the decision. He can’t decide to choose either of Meher and the child. He feels he can’t take the decision, he can’t choose death for one of them. Param doubles his dilemma.

He tells Sarabjeet that he will also die if Meher and the little baby die. He asks Sarabjeet to save Meher and the baby as well. He doesn’t want Meher to suffer. He is well aware of the fact that Meher will be dying if her unborn baby dies in her womb. He gets into a big confusion and wishes that Meher and her baby stay safe and healthy. Sarabjeet and Param head to the Gurudwara to pray for Meher and her baby. Will their prayers get answered?

Barrister Babu starting 6th July 2020. Bondita speaks about Anirudh’s big decision. Anirudh tells that he is going to take the biggest decision for his wife Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita’s decision will be about their marriage. Saudamini influences Anirudh to leave Bondita and free her from the marriage. Anirudh decides otherwise. He decides to mould Bondita into a mature individual.


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