Yeh Rishta 13th July Naira’s twin avatar surprise

YRKKH Upcoming Star Plus Twists Kartik Naira start afresh

Yeh Rishta 13th July Naira’s twin avatar surprise The latest promo released on the Star Plus Youtube page is trending hot. The date is finally revealed. The show airs from July 13th, 2020. The promo shows a new season with a new story coming up in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Naira will be seen donning a twin role of Naira and Tina, who are poles apart in their virtues.

Naira will be displeasing a lady, who is a prospective business partner for Goenkas. Manish and Kartik need an investor for sustaining their sinking company. Their business needs financial aid. Naira comes across a lady and leaves her upset by her modest ways. The lady gets against her and decides to not shoulder Goenka empire. Naira then gets into a twin character and meets the lady again as Kartik’s wife Naira Goenka.

She comes up with a lie that Tina is her twin sister, who isn’t much good-valued. Naira gets impressing the lady with her over the top Sanskari values and behavior. Kartik and Dadi play along to get the investor’s nod for their business. Dadi gets into Naira’s plan for the sake of the family, but Kartik is in two minds since he feels its really wrong to cheat someone with a dual identity. Naira welcomes the lady Sita in Goenka mansion and pleases her with her ideal bahu avatar. She boasts of her values and treats the guest as Lord.

She tells that she gets peace to be at her husband’s feet. She treats Sita nicely and leaves her awestruck. Sita gets praising Naira for her values. She tells Dadi that she has seen Naira’s surprising personality and is excited to do business with Goenkas. Dadi gets happy that Naira has pushed off the trouble away. Kartik questions Naira if they are doing it right. Naira tells him that they are playing the lie just for the sake of their Goenka family.

She doesn’t think its wrong. She has to save her family from the mess. She tells him that nothing can go wrong if he supports her. She asks Kartik to believe her and support her. Kartik is seen dealing with Naira’s twin avatar. The new story brings back the missing humour in the show. Are you excited to watch the show from July 13th? Keep reading.


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