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Guddan Call for celebration Akshat spreads the good news

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Guddan Call for celebration Akshat spreads the good news Guddan tells Akshat that she is fine and fainted due to tiredness. Akshat declares the winner of the dance competition, Durga. Saraswati gets angered and calls up her hired goon. She wants him to trouble Guddan. She doesn’t want her plans to fail. Akshat asks the reason for Guddan’s lie. Guddan tells him that she is feeling light-headed since few days. He asks her why didn’t she tell him. He wants to arrange a doctor for her. He sends the doctor to her home. The goon informs Saraswati about the doctor.

He sends his friend at Akshat’s place to find out the matter. Akshat calls Guddan again. He learns that she is okay. Guddan learns about her pregnancy. She shares the good news with Akshat after much dramatic exaggeration. He gets too emotional and feels that his dream is coming true. They shed tears of happiness. He thanks her for giving him the biggest joy of his life. He asks her to take good care of herself from now. The Bahus get busy in preparing the special dishes and rehearse for the competition. Akshat can’t dance to meet Guddan.

Guddan pulls the prank on him again and makes him upset. He asks her not to act again and again, since his heart comes out everytime she faints down. She asks him to behave politely and not talk rudely with her. She gets bored up at home. Durga and Laxmi learn about their new fight and call the couple to help them sort their differences. Guddan asks the Bahus not to get in between. She reveals the good news of their pregnancy to Ganga and her Bahus. Ganga gets truly happy for her superstar Guddan. Durga and Laxmi also congratulate the couple, while Saraswati gets a shocker. Saraswati wants to target the baby and ruin Guddan’s happiness. She wants revenge on Akshat.




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