Kumkum Bhagya Twists 9th July Ranbir Prachi in mess

Kumkum Bhagya Twists 9th July Ranbir Prachi in mess

Kumkum Bhagya Twists 9th July Ranbir Prachi in mess Ranbir gets worried knowing about Maya’s suicide. He informs Aryan that Maya had committed suicide and now the police will arrest him. He is scared that Dushyant and Chobey won’t spare him. Aryan tells him that Chobey is a politician and police will not even give a chance to him to clarify. He asks Ranbir to leave from the hotel. Ranbir is worried since even Prachi is in the hotel. He doesn’t want to leave Prachi alone. Pragya gets worried for Prachi.

She thinks of Chobey targeting Ranbir. Ranbir panics for Prachi. Prachi gets worried when police arrives to arrest her. She learns about Maya’s suicide. She doesn’t think Maya will be attempting such a thing, since she is a strong girl. Inspector accuses Prachi for provoking Maya for the extreme step. Pragya thinks if Chobey is troubling Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi calls up Ranbir and expresses her happiness. She tells that she is glad that he got free from Maya’s problem. She asks him to come home.

Ranbir doesn’t tell her about Maya’s suicide. He tells her that he will call her later. He rushes to Prachi. Inspector Sharma reaches Ranbir to arrest him. Pragya gets the news of the cyclone approaching. She wishes Prachi comes home home. Aryan leaves a message to Vikram and Abhi, informing that Ranbir and Prachi need their help. Ranbir tells Sharma that he was looking for his friend. Sharma questions him about Prachi. He scolds Ranbir for provoking Maya for the suicide. Ranbir tells that he is innocent and even Prachi isn’t involved in this.

Sharma interrogates him. Ranbir tells him that Maya is alive. He asks Sharma not to trap him. Ranbir and Prachi are questioned by the police, being accused for killing Maya. Prachi sees a dead body with Maya’s ring on the hand. She thinks its really Maya. Ranbir and Prachi face a tough time in proving their innocence. Dushyant doesn’t want Sharma to leave Ranbir. Meera learns about Ranbir and Prachi’s arrest for Maya’s suicide. She is worried. Aryan hopes Abhi comes to rescue Ranbir. Meera calls up Rhea to know about Maya. Rhea doesn’t talk to her. Meera informs Rhea about Maya’s suicide. She asks Rhea to tell her about Maya. Prachi is asked to accept the blame if she wants to save Ranbir and also not get into the humiliation.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kumkum Bhagya Twists 9th July Ranbir Prachi in mess: 3/5
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