Shakti Soumya adds huge twists Heer's happiness jitters

Shakti Soumya adds huge twists Heer’s happiness jitters

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Shakti Soumya adds huge twists Heer’s happiness jitters Sant Baksh and family take Virat with them for the treatment. Heer gets to see Virat going and longs for him. Doctor treats Virat and asks the family to pray for his survival. He tells them that Virat has to respond to them. Heer gains consciousness. She remembers Virat and her consuming the poison. She asks the family about Virat. Heer prays for Virat’s life.

Shanno calls up Gurinder and asks her to watch Heer’s Tapasya for Virat. Gurinder asks Parmeet to watch Heer’s true love for Virat. Virat recovers because of Heer’s prayers. Parmeet starts believing in their love after witnessing the miracle. She tells Sant that they will get Virat married to Heer. She just wants her son to be alive. Sant doesn’t agree. She makes him emotional and asks him to not refuse to her wish.

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Sant feels that Virat didn’t think of his parents because of Heer, he doesn’t respect them or value them. He gets ready to accept Heer, since they don’t matter to Virat now. He gets too hurt by Virat’s suicide move. Parmeet asks Gurinder to prepare the Shagun. Virat gets pleased by his mum’s big help. He tells her that he is really happy. Parmeet wants to talk to Preeto about the important matter. Neighbor suggests Harak and Preeto to agree to Heer’s wish. Harak fumes on the neighbors.

He is also worried for Heer, knowing her truth. Preeto asks the neighbors to support them. Parmeet meets Singh family. She insults Preeto. Preeto tells her that she should have handled Virat well. Parmeet tells that she has given up to Virat’s madness. She gives Virat’s proposal for Heer. The neighbors ask Preeto to accept the proposal. Preeto finds ways to refuse to them. Harak and Preeto finally agree. Parmeet then tells Preeto that she wants to get Heer purified, since she heard that a kinner Soumya has raised Heer. She doesn’t want a kinner’s shadow on Heer. Preeto worries further.

Nutan breaks the good news to Saaya that Heer is getting married to Virat. She taunts Saaya. She asks the kinners to dance with her if they are happy for Heer. Saaya tells them that Heer’s identity truth will come out after the marriage. Nutan doesn’t think it will matter to Virat. She dances happily. Parmeet declares that Heer’s Shuddikaran prayers will be kept before the marriage. Soumya returns for Heer’s sake, as per her promise to Preeto at the time she left Heer. Heer talks to Soumya’s picture. She gets to see Soumya behind. She looks for Soumya. She tells the family that she has seen her Gulabo in the house. Preeto gets worried and realizes that Soumya has returned.

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