Yeh Rishta Love triangle twist with this new entry

Yeh Rishta Love triangle twist with this new entry

Yeh Rishta Love triangle twist with this new entry 9th July 2020 A high dose drama is going to begin in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai with the new entry of Jaydeep Ashra. The actor is going to add big twists when a love triangle gets introduced between Kartik, Naira and Jaydeep’s character. Jaydeep plays the new guy in Naira’s life, while she portrays twin characters of Naira and Tina. The new guy falls in love with Tina, unaware that Naira is cheating him. He happens to be Sita’s son.

Sita is played by the actress Alka Kaushal. The guy likes Tina’s straight-forward and bubbly avatar. He can’t imagine that the Sanskari Bahu of Goenkas Naira is Tina. He meets Naira and Tina at different times and believes that Tina is really Naira’s twin sister. Sita doesn’t like Tina. She is impressed with Naira’s Sanskari side.

She praises Naira and agrees to have business link with Goenkas. Naira’s double avatar is going to rock the show with the high entertaining scenes. The love triangle will add more humour in the storyline. Sita likes Naira’s simplicity, while her son has a modern mindset and prefers to favor free-spirited Tina. He proposes Tina for marriage. Naira falls in a big trouble, since she didn’t expect anyone to fall in love with her.

The new guy poses troubles for Kartik and Naira. Kartik wants Naira to pull down the curtains on her twin drama. Naira plays Tina further for the sake of family. The love triangle twists will bring more drama in Goenka family. Naira will battle between her conventional and chirpy avatars of Naira and Tina, dealing with Sita and her son. It will be interesting to see how Kartik and Naira manage the new trouble in their lives. Keep reading.


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