Kundali Bhagya Prithvi dreams big Rishabh in trouble

Kundali Bhagya Luthras versus Prithvi 15th July 2020

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi dreams big Rishabh in trouble Sarla locks up Shrishti and heads to Luthra mansion to stop Preeta. She doesn’t want Shrishti to call Preeta. Shrishti fails to connect to her sister. Sherlyn calls Rishabh. When he doesn’t answer, she suspects that something is wrong. She then assumes that Rishabh is upset with her and isn’t answering her calls. She decides to call Rishabh from the landline. She calls him, but he is unconscious.

The kidnapper wants to take him to the hotel soon, before he gets conscious by the ringing phone. She wonders if Rishabh is in trouble. She understands that Prithvi had kidnapped Rishabh. Prithvi wants Rishabh’s property and money. Sherlyn is ready to give everything to her love and settle with him. She can do anything for Prithvi. Prithvi is glad that she truly loves him. She gets aware of his plan.

She thinks what had Prithvi done with Rishabh to disturb Karan’s wedding. Prithvi wants Rishabh to sign on the property papers and transfer it to him. Sherlyn doesn’t think Prithvi will succeed in his aim. Prithvi is ready to kill Rishabh to get his money. Sherlyn doesn’t want Prithvi to disturb Karan and Mahira’s wedding. She wants the wedding to go on smooth. She asks Prithvi to postpone his plans for some days. Prithvi calls him wrong since she isn’t supporting her. He doesn’t want her help.

Sherlyn fears that Karan will call off his wedding with Mahira when he learns that Rishabh is missing. She thinks Prithvi has spoiled everything. She wants Prithvi to spare Rishabh. She can’t let anyone ruin Mahira’s wedding. Karan misses Rishabh and recalls his words. He doesn’t think he is misunderstanding Preeta. He wants to marry Mahira, thinking Preeta has attacked Mahesh to stop his marriage. He wants to fail Preeta’s plans. He lives in the misconception. He thinks he can prove it to Rishabh. He calls Rishabh to show how happy he is.

The kidnapper, Rana, flees away. Preeta gets to see Rishabh’s car. She runs to the car to see him. She doesn’t find Rishabh. Prithvi waits for Rana’s call. He wants to make his fate better by snatching Rishabh’s property. Prithvi thinks he will marry Preeta once he gets rich. He thinks Karan is a big fool to leave a gem like Preeta and run after Mahira. He feels Preeta is the best and he deserves her. He is in love with Preeta. He feels his dreams will come true. Preeta follows Rana again. She doesn’t want to lose Rishabh.

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