Shakti Heer realizes Soumya’s return Preeto gets alert

Shakti Heer realizes Soumya's return Preeto gets alert

Shakti Heer realizes Soumya’s return Preeto gets alert Preeto recalls that the same thing had happened with Soumya in the past. She sees Heer’s sorrow and remembers Soumya. Raavi tells Preeto that if Soumya was with Heer, then she would have handled Heer and the matter well. She misses Soumya. She wishes that Soumya was with them in this tough phase of life.

She tells Preeto that they have done wrong to send Soumya away from Heer, if Soumya was with them today, then everything would have become easy. She makes Preeto realize her mistake of not staying in contact with Soumya. She wonders where is Soumya now. Soumya reaches home to meet Heer. Heer misses Soumya a lot. She speaks to Soumya’s picture and wants her in the wedding functions.

She wishes that Soumya had come to her. Soumya recalls her promise given to Preeto that she will never interfere in Preeto’s way of upbringing for Heer. She enters the house and hides from everyone, while the family is busy preparing for Heer’s haldi. Soumya hides from Shanno. Heer thinks Soumya doesn’t love her, else she would have come back to her. She still loves Soumya a lot.

She wants to wear Soumya’s dress and look like her. Heer senses that Soumya had visited her on seeing the kiss marks on her picture. She looks for Soumya and calls out Gulabo, alerting the family that Soumya is in the house.

She gets to see Soumya’s earrings left with a letter from her. She turns emotional on reading Soumya’s letter. She runs madly to find Soumya. Soumya leaves from the house without coming in anyone’s sight. The family is shocked to know that Soumya had come home. They look for her, but don’t find her anywhere. She tells them that she has got the letter from Soumya, she isn’t imagining anything.

Soham tells that there is no proof that Soumya has left the letter. Saaya meets Soumya and takes her along. Soumya tells Preeto that she is sure that Soumya had come for her sake. Soham asks why didn’t Soumya meet them if she had come for real. Heer doesn’t understand it. Heer waits for Soumya. She thinks to find out Soumya. Heer’s identity will be revealed soon.

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