Yeh Rishtey Latest Promo Mishti accused for murder

Rishte Pyaar Abir shocking hurtful move 24th August

Yeh Rishtey Latest Promo Mishti accused for murder The new promo of Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke will be bringing out a huge secret about Mishti, which Abir hides with much difficulty. Mishti remembers that she has been welcomed in the family by Meenakshi. What happens next is something really unexpected. A murder mystery… Yes, a murder mystery will be soon pacing up to keep the audience glued to the show.

Mishti realizes that she is involved in a murder. Whether its of a family member or some stranger, the truth will be revealed in the show’s episodes. Mishti wakes up from the bad dream that she has killed someone and sees the blood stained hands. She gets a huge shock on realizing the sin she had committed. She shouts out to Abir, who stays by her side, knowing her secret and consoling her in the weak moment.

She fails to face even Abir and barges into the washroom to lock herself. She tells him that she had committed the crime, but even he is bearing the punishment for it. She wants to face the consequences alone, while he tries to save her from the police. He tells her that he knows everything, he is with her and won’t let anything happen to her. He protects Mishti and calms her down. She wants to bear the punishment alone.

She feels she has ruined everything in the family. He asks her to forget everything and just remember that he is with her. He feels that their togetherness is enough for him. Mishti believes in his love and comes to him. They soon learn that the police has arrived home asking for her. Mishti tells Abir that everything is over, since the police has come to arrest her. Abir is worried for his love Mishti. Abir and Mishti’s secret will be soon out to the family. Are Meenakshi and Kuhu behind the cheap conspiracy against Mishti? Keep reading here for more news on this show. Comment your views below.


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