Anupama Star Plus Quick Review Anupama’s life unfolds

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Anupama Star Plus Quick Review Anupama’s life unfolds 13th July 2020 Anupama is a housewife and doting mother, who can’t have a life of her own. She loves her family a lot. She fulfills their wishes holding a smile on her face always. She doesn’t get much respect in return. Still, she doesn’t complain and works round the clock for her family. She feels its her love that makes her do the work easily. She can’t forget her family even for a second.

She suppresses her own wishes, dreams and life for the sake of the family. She lives with her husband, in-laws and children. She introduces her lovely family, her children Paritosh, Pakhi and Samar. Among the three, just her younger son Samar loves and respects her the most. Anupama looks after everyone’s need even if they don’t come up to ask verbally. Her father-in-law is her only admirer, who knows how many struggles she faces to meet everyone’s expectations.

She faces much criticism from her mother-in-law. She still stays happy as long as her world is happy. Her husband too treats her like an odd furniture in the house. He just wants her home at any moment, without having a voice. Anupama spends some time with her friends, when one of her friend Devika visits her and takes her along to revive their childhood memories.

Anupama’s love for dance is seen, when she recalls her childhood avatar and dances at the fort with her friends. She wanted to become a professional dancer, but left her dreams when she got married. She finds the same passion for dance in Samar. She wants Samar to pursue dance as a career. Anupama faces a big trouble when her husband arrives home before her and makes a big issue of her absence.

Anupama is thrown out of the house for no mistake, when the family can’t handle the house without her for few hours. They don’t realize her worth at all. Anupama cries on bearing the humiliation from her husband, but stays silent. The story is about every housewife, who is underrated and not valued by the family, despite the hardwork and dedication. Anupama is devoted to the family, who will slowly realize her worth.

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  1. Pls change the role of anupma into a bold lady this is all very useless to see her bad condition and his husband bloody behaviour they should learn how to respect a wife and a mother. A huge change is required now


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