Kundali Bhagya Karan astonished Rishabh in trouble

Kundali Bhagya Karan astonished Rishabh in trouble

Kundali Bhagya Karan astonished Rishabh in trouble Preeta informs Shrishti about the mess she is surrounded with. Shrishti can’t believe Rishabh’s kidnapping. She asks Preeta where is she and how is Rishabh. Preeta doesn’t want Sarla to know about the danger. She tells that she is trying to find Rishabh and save him. Shrishti feels that Preeta has taken a big risk. She is proud of her brave sister. She asks Preeta not to invite troubles. She asks Preeta to wait until she comes.

Preeta thinks Shrishti will get late. She promises to call back in some time if she fails to save Rishabh. The time gets hard on Shrishti. She calls up Karan to inform him, but he disconnects. Karan thinks Shrishti is calling him on Preeta’s saying. She thinks he will not answer her calls. Karan goes to get ready. Sherlyn doesn’t want Mahira to know about Rishabh’s kidnapping. Rana tries to get Rishabh conscious. Preeta acts as room service and barges inside the room to fight with Rana. She looks for Rishabh. She falls in grave danger on being caught by Rana.

Rishabh gains a bit of consciousness and finds Preeta fighting with Rana for his sake. Rana tells Preeta that he won’t spare Rishabh and her. Preeta fails to defend herself. Rana makes her unconscious too. Prithvi gets the property papers ready. He wants Luthras’ entire property, Sherlyn and Preeta on his side. Shrishti gets locked inside the house. Sarla doesn’t free her. Shrishti calls Sameer to get help. Sameer goes to clean his shirt. Karan answers Shrishti’s call on Sameer’s phone. Shrishti yells at Sameer and reveals about Rishabh’s kidnapping.

Karan can’t believe that Preeta has gone to save Rishabh and his brother is in real danger. Shrishti asks Sameer to just come soon and take her to the hotel to help Preeta save Rishabh. She feels scared for Preeta’s life. Karan is also worried for Preeta and Rishabh. Karan wants to rush to the hotel first. Shrishti identifies Karan on the call. She asks him to remember that he didn’t answer the call. She tells him that Preeta is not stone-hearted and went to save Rishabh. She is glad that Preeta always helps Luthras. She scolds Karan. Rana informs Prithvi about Preeta. Prithvi doesn’t want any trouble and asks him to just kill the girl.

He bribes Rana for the new task. Prithvi then gets to see Preeta on the video call. He asks Rana to stop right there. He doesn’t want Rana to harm Preeta. He tells that Preeta is his love. He asks Rana to change the hotel room and take away Rishabh. Shrishti asks Karan to save Preeta along with Rishabh. Karan promises her that he will save both of them. He wants to go out by hiding from everyone’s sight. He decides to make an exit. He thinks Preeta is acting to save Rishabh for his attention. He doesn’t want to trust her again.

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