Kundali Bhagya 14th July 2020 Preeta challenges Karan

Kundali Bhagya 14th July 2020 Preeta challenges Karan

Kundali Bhagya 14th July 2020 Preeta challenges Karan Karan wants Preeta to free herself first and then help him. He asks her if she can’t do anything on her own. He taunts her for having a fake medical degree. Preeta frees herself. She gets enough of his taunts. He asks her to free him now. Preeta leaves him on his own when he boasts of himself.

On the other hand, Prithvi tells Rishabh that he doesn’t want a job, but his entire property. He asks Rishabh to sign the property papers. Rishabh can’t believe that the kidnapper has made the papers ready as well. He refuses to sign the papers. Prithvi threatens him about Karan and Preeta. He shows their pictures. Rishabh tells Prithvi that he will give away anything, but he wants his brother’s safety. He yells a lot on the masked man/Prithvi.

He threatens to kill him if anything happens to Karan. Prithvi assures that he will not hurt Karan if Rishabh signs the papers. Preeta and Karan continue their fights, which look a bit cute and also repetitive. Still, their fights were much missed in the track. Preeta wants Karan to turn polite towards her, but he doesn’t want to give her new hopes. He stays mistaken and doubts her intentions, even when its clear that she is helping Rishabh.

Rishabh gets helpless. Prithvi tells that he will leave Karan and Preeta free once Rishabh signs. Rishabh wants to fight him. Prithvi builds up the terror in his mind. Preeta asks Karan to free himself, since he is good in giving the instructions. She tells that if he is the Karan Luthra, then he should manage it himself. She tells that she has driven a car today for the first time in her life. Karan asks her when did she buy the car.

She tells that she has stolen someone’s car and followed Rishabh. Karan finds her turning dangerous. She feels that she has done the best thing as per her capabilities. She finds him overconfident. He finds her mistaken. He tells her that he won’t leave her if she hurts Rishabh. He claims that Prithvi is behind the kidnapping, he is the masked man. She can’t believe it. Meanwhile, Sameer and Shrishti want to start searching again.

She tells that they should enquire at the reception. He agrees with her idea. Sherlyn wants to tell Prithvi that Luthras are going to arrive. Mahira calls her for help. Sherlyn hides that she is stuck in a big mess. Karan tells Preeta that he knows everything well, Prithvi is the evil person. He tells that he has a proof, since Prithvi always sings praises of her. He wants to fail Prithvi’s plan. Preeta feels he is wrong to blame her.

She tells that she can never plan to kidnap Rishabh. She frees him and asks him to save Rishabh. He doesn’t want to forget her cheat. She tells that he deserves few slaps. Prithvi asks Rishabh to sign the papers. Rishabh tricks him. He asks Prithvi to show his name if he can’t show his face. Prithvi doesn’t want to reveal his identity. He insists Rishabh to sign the papers if he wants Karan and Preeta alive. Sherlyn rushes to stop Prithvi. He doesn’t want Sherlyn to pose hurdles. He asks Rishabh to make up his mind until he returns. Sameer and Shrishti try their smartness to get the information from the receptionist.

Sameer tells that he will use his charm to get their work done. Shrishti tells that he isn’t so charming. Sameer tries to praise the receptionist and please her. Preeta tells Karan that she will remove the mask of the kidnapper. She asks him to better find the truth of the kidnapper and prove himself right if he can. She knows that he will be proved wrong. She struggles to go out from the locked room. Prithvi doesn’t want to meet Sherlyn. He gets enough of her irritating behavior. Preeta manages to go out. She gets to see the kidnapper.

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