Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet’s decision 15th July 2020

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet's decision 15th July 2020

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet’s decision 15th July 2020 Sarabjeet finds Meher’s file with the nurse. He gets back to Meher. Meher is still battling for her life. Sarabjeet gets tensed to choose either of Meher and her child. The day’s entire incidents are seen in the flashbacks once again. From the celebrations of Ginni’s marriage to Meher’s kidnapping, Sarabjeet regrets the bad time. Sarabjeet recalls Meher’s restlessness and her fears around some bad happening ahead. He feels that he should have been more alert and saved Meher from the accident.

He recalls his words, that they both are strong and will not get affected or harmed by anything. He keeps the same inspiration. He inspires Meher and wants her to get back to him. He still doesn’t know that Harleen is behind the conspiracy. Meher always felt that something wrong is missed. Meher wanted to save Rana from the kidnapping. Harleen is the cause behind Meher’s condition, for having supported Peri in his crime. She wanted Peri to marry Ginni. She thought this is the best revenge for Kulwant.

Even Harleen didn’t know that Meher and her child’s lives will fall under such a big risk. Meher is taken for the procedure. Sarabjeet signs the consent form. He makes his final decision and chooses either of Meher and her child. Meher’s pulse rate gets down. She gets rushed to the OT. The evil nurse informs her boss about Meher’s condition. Param cries for Meher. He wants Sarabjeet to save Meher and the baby as well.

He tells that he won’t talk to him if anything happens to them. He feels guilty to put Meher in the difficult situation. Sarabjeet tells him that he isn’t responsible. Sarabjeet and Meher confronted Peri’s dad for his arrival, while he lied to them after Harleen’s confirmation of their plan working. Peri wanted to sit in the mandap and get married to Ginni. Harleen got the bride and groom in the mandap. Harleen got tricked as Meher sat in the mandap with Sarabjeet.

Just Param knew their plan. Sarabjeet and Meher get emotional while they get married once again, being connected by their hearts this time. Meher feels indebted to him, knowing he is devoted towards her. She knows he always keeps his promise. Sarabjeet and Meher make Rana and Ginni elope, to save them from Peri’s evil. Harleen suspects the bride and groom, and raises a question. Rana and Ginni reach the marriage registrar office. Sarabjeet and Meher reveal the truth after completing the rituals. Harleen gets a huge shock. Later, Sarabjeet receives a bad news from the doctor. He fears of losing Meher. Keep reading.

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