Kumkum Bhagya Maya changes side Pragya clever act

Kumkum Bhagya Maya changes side Pragya clever act

Kumkum Bhagya Maya changes side Pragya clever act 15th July 2020 Maya admits that she wanted to send Prachi to jail by faking the suicide. She regrets that she has always lost her love. She doesn’t want to lose Ranbir. Prachi tells her that she can’t force Ranbir, he doesn’t love her, Ranbir is in trouble due to the murder blame. She tells that Ranbir has confessed the crime. Maya tells that Ranbir loves Prachi and its evident. She can’t tolerate it more.

She tells that Dushyant gave her hope that Ranbir will become of her. She asks Prachi if she loves Ranbir. Pragya tells Kohlis that Maya did wrong, but its Dushyant’s mistake, they are a powerful family and can do anything to frame Ranbir and Prachi. She tells that Maya has revealed Dushyant’s crime. She feels that they shall get Dushyant arrested so that the problem ends for their children. Kohlis agrees with Pragya.

They also want Ranbir to live in peace. Vikram also wants this to stop. Pragya tells that they shall make a plan to trap Dushyant and make him confess. She tells that he should give the statement and admit his crime, only then he would land behind bars. Maya tells Prachi that she has seen love between Ranbir and her. She wants Prachi to confess that she loves Ranbir. Prachi tells Maya that she cares for Ranbir as a good friend, she doesn’t love him. She feels Maya can never understand her relation. Prachi locks up Maya in the room.

Pragya shares her plan with them. Aaliya cries for Abhi. Abhi tells her that he is fine and happy, she shouldn’t be worried for him. She promises to help him. He asks her to go home. She feels guilty that he got arrested because of her plan. She thinks her plan flopped, Maya didn’t die and Prachi is also free. She didn’t wish Ranbir and Abhi to fall in trouble. Pragya convinces everyone to play their part in trapping Dushyant. She wants to inform him that Maya is in big trouble, so that he reacts. Maya tries to hear their plans, but fails.

She fears that they are going to call the police. She plans to escape from Abhi’s house. Maya calls home to speak to Dushyant. Maya’s mum gets worried for her. Maya tells Dushyant that she got trapped. She asks him to save Ranbir. Dushyant tells that he has to think to protect her first, else she will be arrested. He wants her to come home and not think of Ranbir. He tells that he can’t lose his family reputation for the sake of Ranbir and her relation. Maya realizes that he will be sending her to the village. She refuses to return home.

He tells that Ranbir would stay in jail, he will be punished for cheating her. Maya didn’t know that Dushyant can target Ranbir too. Maya bangs the door and gets Ranbir’s attention. She meets his family and tells them that she didn’t know about Dushyant. She wants to help Ranbir. She tells that Dushyant won’t save Ranbir, but she will not let him land behind bars. She wants a chance to rectify her mistake. She cries realizing how wrong she was.

Nobody believes her, knowing she is the root of all the problems. She tells that the fake murder plan was to trap Prachi, but Ranbir got framed in his attempt to save Prachi. She realizes that Dushyant promised to get Ranbir for her. She frees Ranbir from their relationship. Pragya asks Maya to rectify her mistake if she really regrets her doings. Maya is ready to do anything. Pragya asks her to think twice. She wants her to call Dushyant home and also admit her plans in front of the police. Pragya tells Maya that she has to expose Dushyant’s plans. Maya tells that she will get Dushyant punished. She wants Ranbir to at least respect her, if he can’t love her.

Pragya informs Dushyant about Maya is alive and she is at Kohli house right now. She introduces herself as Prachi’s mum. Ranbir threatens to kill Maya. Dushyant hears the family shouting and trying to stop Ranbir. He gets compelled to visit Kohlis to save Maya’s life. Ranbir stabs Maya as part of their plan. Dushyant and Maya’s mum reach Ranbir’s house and doesn’t find Maya. He meets Pragya and threatens her to know about Maya. Pragya and Kohlis lie that Maya isn’t at their house. Dushyant finds the blood traces and is hugely shocked. He suspects that Ranbir has killed Maya. Pragya plans to make Dushyant blurt out the truth.

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