Choti Sardarni Aditi enters as Meher’s savior 16th July

Choti Sardarni Aditi enters as Meher's savior 16th July

Choti Sardarni Aditi enters as Meher’s savior 16th July 2020 Sarabjeet and Meher recall the time when they got married instead Rana and Ginni, after sending the couple away. Sarabjeet misses Meher and recalls the moment when he held her hand. She got hurt while saving his life. Doctor asks his decision. Sarabjeet makes the decision with a heavy heart. The family asks him to save Meher’s life instead her child. Sarabjeet recalls the moments spent with Meher and also her child. He signs the papers by ticking on his choice between Meher and her child. He apologizes to his Lord for choosing either of them, which was a tough decision for him as well.

He wishes that a miracle happens and both Meher and her child get saved. Param asks the doctor to save his mother. Sarabjeet consoles his son. He knows what Param is going through. He gets a sign in the form of Param, that he should save Param. He thinks he is wrong to let the baby go, since Meher has been waiting for the baby since always. He feels guilty for not choosing the baby. He knows that his decision can’t be justified, the loss is quite big. He cries for the loss. He gets surrounded by Meher’s memories.

He thinks if anything happens to Meher, then Param won’t be able to forgive himself forever. He recalls that Param and Yuvi were in the car and pulled the hand brake. The car was about to hit Sarabjeet, but Meher risked her life to save him. Param blames himself for the sad accident. Kulwant and the family encourage Sarabjeet and assure him that they are with him, even they would have chosen Meher if they were asked to decide. Meher resists the medicines. The doctors try hard to save her life.

Sarabjeet stays in tension, waiting for the news from the doctor. He hopes that its a good news. The entire family stays tensed and wait outside the OT. Doctor gives the sad news to Sarabjeet, that the child isn’t developing in Meher’s womb. She tells him that both Meher and her child are in risk, its hard to save their lives. Param prays for Meher’s life. He doesn’t want to lose his mother once again.

Meher gets a breath because of his prayers. She responds to the treatment. A doctor comes there to save Meher’s life. She sees Param crying for Meher. She stops to hear his prayers. She introduces herself as Dr. Aditi. He asks her to save Meher. She tells him that she knows Meher’s case and she will be saving her life. Param gets thankful to her and thinks she is an angel he has been waiting for.

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet's decision 15th July 2020

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