Kumkum Bhagya Romance twists 17th July 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Romance twists 17th July 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Romance twists 17th July 2020 Aryan tells Ranbir that Prachi will soon come with the love confession. Shahana asks Prachi to confess love to Ranbir. She teases Prachi. Ranbir hopes that Aryan is true. Prachi prepares the tea. Dida asks her to give the tea to Ranbir. Everyone waits for Abhi. Sarita gets a call and gets a big catering order. She tells Kohlis that she will go to fulfill the order.

She asks Pragya to meet Abhi and come later. Pragya hears good things about Abhi. She gets interested to meet her. Vikram praises Prachi’s mum Anuradha. He tells that she is really bold and fixed everything for them. Abhi praises Pragya. He wants Vikram to meet Pragya once. Aaliya thinks Prachi has always won Abhi’s heart and even her mum is impressing him now. She doesn’t want Prachi’s mum to be like Pragya.

Abhi rushes home to meet Prachi’s mum soon. Pragya gets to see Ranbir’s photo album. She sees Rhea’s childhood pictures. She gets emotional. Ranbir gets happy to see Prachi. He stops Aryan from telling Prachi about his feelings. He tells that he wants to spend the life with Prachi. Ranbir thinks if Prachi keeps his family happy, she will keep him more happy once they get happy. Prachi and Ranbir have a moment. He tells her about his trophies. Aryan and Shahana tease them and asks them to have romance.

Ranbir and Prachi react and ask them not to joke in such a way. Aryan cracks joke and laughs. Shahana makes a leave with Prachi. Ranbir asks Aryan not to flirt with Shahana. Aryan tells him not to threaten him. Pragya tells Pallavi that her daughter used to look like Rhea in childhood. She tells about her elder daughter, who isn’t with her. She misses Kiara. Abhi and Vikram come home. Abhi tells that Aaliya will come. The door bell doesn’t ring. Vikram tells the switch is loose. He rings the bell.

Dida stops Meera and asks Pragya to open the door. Vikram knows that Abhi won’t stop talking once he meets Prachi’s mum. He asks Abhi to thank her on his behalf also. Abhi asks him not to be miser in gratitude. Pragya tells Dida that Abhi doesn’t know her. Dida wants to know if Abhi will identify her. Meera thinks its an interesting game. Dushyant gets bailed out. Lawyer tells him that Chobey will lose the elections if he does anything wrong now. Dushyant wants to take revenge on the enemies.

Chobey calls him for the meet. Aaliya asks Abhi to check the car’s door. Abhi asks Vikram to go and check. Vikram doesn’t want to touch Abhi’s car. Aaliya tells Abhi that he will try. Chobey apologizes to Dushyant on Maya’s behalf. They meet Maya at home and scold her for backstabbing their trust. Dushyant asks Maya why didn’t she think of her dad’s political career. Maya tells Dushyant that she cares for him, but she loves Ranbir a lot. She wanted to help Ranbir. Chobey tells that now the marriage can’t happen, Ranbir and Kohlis won’t accept her now. Dushyant tells them that they will see family before politics.

He asks Chobey to support Maya in getting her love. He tells that she really loves Ranbir, she is mad about him, they should think about her happiness. Maya gets glad that they have forgiven her and promised to get her married to Ranbir. Dushyant asks Maya to save her tears for her bidaai. He tells that he will help her, if she meets Aaliya and Pragya. He tells that Aaliya had provoked her for suicide. He tells that he had been to jail because of Prachi’s mum. Pragya finally opens the door for Abhi.

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