Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn fears to get caught 17th July

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn fears to get caught 17th July

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn fears to get caught 17th July 2020 Mahira doesn’t want Ramona to tell anything to her dad. Ramona asks her to decide if she wants some peace or not. She tells that her dad can help her out. She asks her to come back home, Karan and Rishabh will come back home, Karan will save his brother since the kidnapper’s location is traced. Mahira agrees to her. Preeta tells Sameer that they have come to the wrong room.

Sameer tells that they should go to the next floor and check. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Mahira has come to meet her, knowing the truth that she knows the kidnapper. She doesn’t want Mahira to know their secret. She asks him to leave soon. She tells that she will handle her alone. Prithvi asks her to know what she has to do. He takes Rishabh with him. He asks Rana to shift Rishabh. Preeta and Shrishti search the suite. Sameer tells that there is no one. He thinks to check the washroom, where Sherlyn is hiding after seeing them in the room.

Preeta gets the rope. She tells Shrishti that the kidnapper knew about them, so he had shifted Rishabh. Sameer asks who would inform him. Preeta tells that maybe someone has seen them. She tells them about Karan’s suspicion on Prithvi. Shrishti tells her that even a girl is with the kidnappers. She shows the lipstick mark on the glass. Sameer tells that maybe Preeta didn’t see the room. Preeta thinks Prithvi can’t kidnap Rushabh. Prithvi manages to disguise Rishabh and take him. Mahira gets hit by the wheelchair.

Prithvi doesn’t want her to see Rishabh’s face. She scolds Prithvi. He argues with her. He tells a sad story about his blind aunt. He fools Mahira so that she doesn’t come in his way. He tells that his aunt has cursed her that she will never get married. Mahira apologizes to them and accepts that it was her mistake. Mahira wishes that she gets blessings from the lady. He tells her that she will get married to Karan. Mahira asks him how did the lady know about Karan. Prithvi realizes his mistake. Prithvi tells that everyone knows about her marriage news with famous cricketer Karan Luthra. Shrishti asks Preeta if Karan has seen the masked man’s face. Preeta tells that he didn’t see and said that randomly.

Mahira reaches there to meet Sherlyn. Preeta gets alert. Sherlyn is worried that Mahira has come to increase his problems. Rakhi and Kareena try to get information about Karan. Preeta goes to check at the door. Sherlyn thinks Mahira should run away in time. She calls Mahira to inform her. Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti check the door and see the receptionist. Mahira looks for Sherlyn. She tells the man that Sherlyn has called her to meet. Preeta misses to see Mahira. Shrishti also doubts on Prithvi.

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