Rishtey Pyaar Ke Starplus Preview 22nd July 2020

Rishtey Pyaar Ke Starplus Preview 22nd July 2020

Rishtey Pyaar Ke Starplus Preview 22nd July 2020 Abir and Mishti’s problem gets bigger when Abir learns the truth that the dead guy was Varun’s brother Karan Soni. He can’t believe that the truth is going to spoil the relations. He doesn’t want Mishti to know the truth. He thinks she will get much guilty if she knows that Ketki’s in-laws is the family suffering by their son’s loss. He doesn’t think she should know the truth so soon. He thinks to tell her about the truth later at the right time.

He hurts himself to stop Mishti from seeing Karan and Varun’s picture. Mishti gets worried for his injury. Abir doesn’t tell anything to her and struggles to take her away from Varun’s house, knowing Karan’s pictures will be everywhere. He thinks if Varun tells her about Karan, then it will be a big problem. Varun and Ketki worry for Abir. Varun offers to take Abir to the hospital, but Abir wants to take Mishti along. Abir tells her that Varun and Ketki can have lunch and spend time. Mishti agrees with him.

Abir and Mishti reach his NGO. She wants to know why is he so stressed. He doesn’t tell her anything. He tells that he will not find about the family, and now she shall leave her adamancy. He asks Mishti to forget that dead guy and his family. He asks her to trust him. Mishti gets puzzled seeing his strange behavior, as if he got to know something. Nidhi catches Jugnu spying in Abir’s room. She creates a scene even when he clarifies that he didn’t do anything. She calls Kuhu and Parul to get him caught. Kuhu checks Abir’s laptop once again.

Nidhi learns that Abir is going to buy a bridal lahenga for Mishti. Nidhi tells Jugnu that he shall just clean the room and not look into the laptop. Abir asks Mishti to know that she means his world, she should never go against his wish. Mishti agrees to him. Mishti and Abir return home. They meet Varun and Ketki. Varun jokes on Abir and tenses Meenakshi for a moment. Meenakshi gets happy when Varun’s mom calls her and tells about Varun’s new project in the US. She tells that she would like to get him married to Ketki soon and send them off to the US. Meenakshi tells Nirmala that she will talk to Nidhi and Kaushal. Nidhi gets too emotional.

She wants everything to be the best in Ketki’s marriage. She blames Abir and Mishti for spreading negativity and sadness in the house. Abir tells that he is happy for Ketki and Mishti will actively participate in the functions. Kaushal gets emotional being Ketki’s father. He tells that not everyone understands a father’s emotions. Abir wants Mishti to take up the responsibilities. He tells Meenakshi that he will not leave and will stay back to do his duties in Kunal’s absence. He also promises Kuhu that he will try to get Kunal home for the wedding functions. Kuhu feels bad that the family isn’t missing Kunal, like he doesn’t matter to them.

Kuhu blasts her frustration on Mishti. She tells Mishti that she will try to know about her secret. Mishti gets angry when Kuhu gets rude towards her. She asks Kuhu to just get away. Kuhu gets against Mishti once again. She can’t see Mishti getting the family’s attention. Abir tries to keep Mishti away from Karan’s talks. Varun sends another threatening note to Mishti. Abir thinks if he is doing wrong to hide the notes from Mishti. He wants to tell her the truth.

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