Barister Babu Huge Surprise for Bondita 27th July 2020

Barister Babu Huge Surprise for Bondita 27th July 2020

Barister Babu Huge Surprise for Bondita 27th July 2020 Anirudh supports Bondita totally. He wants Bondita to respect his efforts and their relation, since he is too concerned for her. She understands his feelings. She consumes the kada for his sake. He gets happy when she tells him that she too is concerned for him. She tells him that she loves her mum, but is equally worried for his family.

He thinks he can try his best and win in the tough situation. He doesn’t want to lose, being Anirudh. He promises to not let her down. He doesn’t want her to face any humiliation. Her remedies don’t work for her. Binoy doesn’t want Anirudh to win. He doesn’t want to accept Bondita. He wishes that Anirudh fails in his promise. Trilochan surprises everyone by arranging new clothes for them. He tells them that they shall make a new start and not talk of anything upsetting.

He hopes to bring some solution for Bondita. Anirudh learns that Bondita didn’t get any help from the kada. He gets ready to clean her bed and dirty clothes. Bondita feels bad for him. She tells him that she shall clean the things, since its her duty to look after him. He restrains her from picking up the hardwork. He tells her that he will manage his duties. She reminds him about his injured hurt. Trilochan feels terrible to watch Anirudh battling with his wife’s problems.

Anirudh has no qualms in managing his responsibility. Binoy gets angered to see him cleaning the dirty stuff. Anirudh tells them that he will definitely find a solution for Bondita’s problem in two days. Trilochan finds this tough. Anirudh gets busy in making Bondita perform yoga. He smiles on hearing Bondita’s innocent prayers to her Durga Maa. He also wishes that her prayer gets fulfilled and an angel comes to sort her problem. It so happens that her mum arrives. Anirudh gets to see her mum coming home.

He welcomes her heartily. She doesn’t want to stay in his house and tells that she will return from the door. Anirudh calls off the traditions that’s blocking her entry in the house. He takes her inside and introduces her to Trilochan. Trilochan criticizes her for getting little Bondita married to Anirudh. Anirudh asks Trilochan to pay respect to her, since she is their guest. Trilochan helplessly gets quiet. Anirudh takes her to Bondita and gives a wonderful surprise. Bondita gets delighted that her mum came to help her. Anirudh tells that her mum is the angel, who will be solving all her problems. Bondita spends time with her mum.

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