Guddan Preview 27th July Baby gets name ‘Choti Guddan’

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Guddan Preview 27th July Baby gets a name ‘Choti Guddan’ The couple tells Akshat that the girl is their daughter. They want Akshat to help them out. They cry of their financial woes. Akshat agrees to help them. He tells them that they will get the girl, but he has a small condition. The couple agrees to prove anything. Akshat tells that he will give them the baby if they prove their parenthood by a DNA test. He tells that he will not snatch anyone’s child, he won’t give the baby to anyone being careless and ignorant.

Guddan doesn’t want anyone to snatch her baby. She asks the family if they have thought of the baby’s name. Akshat returns to the family. He signs Dadi that everything is under control. He tells them that he has thought of the best name. He tells Guddan that the couple was fraud and the baby is theirs.

They argue to get the baby’s naming rights. They proceed with the baby’s naming ceremony. Guddan tells them that the baby should always be great rocking like her, she should always be positive like her. She tells that the baby will name herself. Akshat gets confused. Guddan tells that they will keep chits and let the baby select a name. Everyone writes their suggestions on the chits. They get equal chances to get their name for the baby. Guddan can’t see Guddan and Akshat so happy with their daughter. Everyone gives their blessings to the baby.

Akshat gets emotional. He prays for his daughter. He wishes that the baby doesn’t get snatched from Guddan. He cries thinking of the coming times. Ganga tells the baby that she will not let her live. The baby pulls her hair. Ganga falls over some wires and gets electrocuted. She gets punished for her evil. Guddan apologizes to Ganga. She tells that she will call a doctor for Ganga. The baby selects the name for herself. They name the baby Guddan, as per Akshat’s choice. Guddan asks how can this happen. Akshat tells that the baby is Choti Guddan for him. Guddan learns that everyone has chosen the name Guddan for the baby.

The family celebrates the Naamkaran ceremony. Akshat wants to raise the baby well if he gets a chance. He stays stressed about the couple. Durga knows that he is worried for his baby. Akshat tells her that he feels trapped. She tells him that they all love the baby, but can’t deny that the baby is not theirs. He tells that maybe the couple is lying about the baby. She tells that Guddan will shatter if the truth is hidden for long, her love for the baby will get high and it will be tough for her to get separated from the baby. She asks him to be positive and let the baby go to her parents.

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