Kumkum Bhagya Quick Update Ranbir awaits Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir happy to marry his love Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Quick Update 27th July Ranbir awaits Prachi In Ranbir and Maya’s Sangeet, Dida and Pallavi feel pressurized that Maya is becoming their Bahu. Pallavi wants to act like real Saas and shock Maya’s mum. Dida asks her to go ahead and act. Pallavi tells that her acting is too real. Dida wants to do the drama. They get prepared. Pallavi awaits Prachi. Prachi and Shahana come to meet Rahul and convince him. Rahul asks why did they come.

Ranbir feels happy thinking of Prachi. Maya meets him and asks for Pallavi. He thinks if Maya got to see Pallavi’s anger. Pallavi thinks to start the drama to make Maya away. Kohlis welcome the Chobeys. Dushyant tells that he wants to meet Abhi. Vikram tells that he will call Abhi and introduce them. Pallavi thinks Maya looks such a fake girl. Ranbir wants to avoid evil Chobey family. He waits for Prachi. Prachi reminds that Ranbir and she met Rahul last night. Rahul remembers her. He tells that he is scared of Chobey.

Prachi tells him that Maya loves him a lot, she already told him about Maya. She invites him in Maya’s Sangeet. She tells him that he should take a stand for Maya, she is forced to marry someone. She asks him not to get scared of Chobey, they will forgive him once he marries Maya. They lie to Rahul about Maya’s depression. He asks her to think of saving Maya’s life. He tells that he loves Maya. Prachi asks him to stop the marriage if he loves Maya.

Rahul promises to win Maya’s love. Prachi gets happy. Ranbir calls Prachi to know where is she. Prachi tells him that Rahul agreed to attend the Sangeet and stop Maya’s marriage, now Maya will go back to her first love Rahul. Ranbir gets happy. Pragya misses Abhi. Sarita asks about her husband. Pragya gets sad. Sarita tells that she wants her to start a life with Mr. Mehra. Pragya doesn’t have place for anyone in her life. Sarita feels Abhi and Pragya are meant for each other. Vikram asks Abhi to leave the meeting and stay back in the function.

Abhi tells that the meeting is really important, he doesn’t want to see Ranbir and Maya’s function. He knows Ranbir is helpless. He feels sorry for Rhea. Vikram tells that Ranbir is hiding something from them, they should trust Ranbir. Abhi asks him to be a better father. He asks Vikram to find Ranbir’s good qualities and bond with him. Vikram says Ranbir prefers to bond with Abhi more, since Abhi is such a loving person. Abhi suggests him to become Ranbir’s friend and then see the bonding. Vikram worries for Abhi’s leaving.

He thinks if Abhi is much upset knowing some secret. Prachi returns home and tells that she has to get ready for the Sangeet. She tells that she convinced Rahul to attend the Sangeet, they will unite Maya and Rahul. Pragya tells them that she will go to the mall and buy a gift for Maya and Rahul. Vikram tells Dushyant that Abhi has gone for his work, he will be back soon. Vikram senses Abhi is hiding something important.

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