Kumkum Bhagya Latest Preview Abhi Pragya meet again

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya misses to confront Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Preview Abhi Pragya meet again 28th July 2020 Pragya visits the mall to buy a gift for Maya. She sees some kids’ toys. She recalls Kiara. She meets a friend there. She gets glad to meet her. The lady gets to see Abhi. She tells that she wants to get a selfie with Abhi. Pragya fails to see him. The lady takes a selfie with Abhi.

She asks him to take a selfie with her friend too. Abhi tells that her friend knows many of her songs, which he didn’t perform yet. Abhi asks how can this happen. She asks him to ask her friend herself. Abhi doubts that its Pragya. He looks for her. The lady tells him that maybe Pragya left. Abhi also misses Kiara on seeing the same doll. He misses to see Pragya.

On the other hand, Dushyant tells Chobey that Prachi will trouble Maya again, she should be thrown out of the function, Maya doesn’t like Prachi and will object to her. He asks Maya’s mum to threaten Prachi. Ranbir asks Prachi to manage everyone. Aryan and Shahana tease Prachi. Shahana asks Ranbir if he is getting the hints. Ranbir asks her not to say anything, else Prachi will leave. Prachi and Shahana tell Ranbir about their meeting with Rahul. Maya’s mum calls Prachi for a talk. Shahana feels Pragya should come soon.

Pragya and Abhi meet in the lift. They get a big surprise to find each other after a long time. Prachi gets threatened by Maya’s mum. Maya tells that she is Ranbir’s friend. Maya’s mum asks the reason for breaking Maya’s marriage. Prachi denies it. Prachi tells that Ranbir and Maya would never fall in love, their marriage will fail, they won’t be happy. Maya’s mum asks her to keep her opinion to herself. She wants to meet Prachi’s mum. Abhi and Pragya have cute moments in the lift.

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Pragya scolds him in anger. She tells him that he didn’t meet her since a long time. He tells that he is angry that she was in the same city and didn’t meet him on special occasions. She asks him why didn’t he call her. She tells that he called her to the cafe for the meeting, but he didn’t come. He tells that he had made many calls to her, but she didn’t answer. She asks him not to lie. He calls her a liar. He tells that he isn’t scared of her that he would lie. She doesn’t know anything the reason for his anger. She tells that she wants to go away. He asks her not to get angry.

The lift gets stuck. Abhi teases her for a kiss. Maya’s mum insults Prachi and asks her to imagine their limits. She asks Prachi to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi tells that everyone knows that Chobey is a bad person, he doesn’t love someone. Maya’s mum asks Prachi to stop dreaming about Ranbir. Prachi isn’t scared of Dushyant and Chobey. She tells that she knows Ranbir since long, she can’t end her relation for their dislike.

She asks Maya’s mum to think of Maya’s happiness. Maya’s mum gives her the final warning. Prachi doesn’t deter and thinks to clean the dirt from Ranbir’s house. Abhi tells Pragya that the lift isn’t functioning because of her anger. Pragya asks why didn’t he convince her. Abhi asks her to fight with him. He jokes to make her smile.

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