Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Update Karan shocking reveal

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Update Karan shocking reveal

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Update Karan shocking reveal Preeta succeeds in hiding her emotions. Shrishti and Janki find her crying again. Preeta calls Sarla. She gets her number switched off. She worries for Sarla. Mahira prepares for her wedding. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she is getting a strange feeling, Karan isn’t at home, maybe he has gone to meet Preeta. Mahira asks her to ask her friend about Karan’s location.

Sherlyn tells her that her boyfriend didn’t do anything this time. Mahira asks her not to worry, Karan will come back, he has promised to marry her. Sherlyn asks her to stop behaving weird. Mahira tells that she reminded her favors and Karan agreed to keep his promise, he has ended her insecurities. She knows that Karan is a good person, he will not break his promise. Sherlyn tells that her dream will be just a dream because of her overconfidence.

She asks Mahira to hold the dreams in her eyes and stay alert of Preeta. Karan runs after the thief to get Sarla’s bag back. He gets into a big fight. Sarla watches Karan fighting for her sake. Sarla asks Karan to leave the thief, she has got her purse back. The thief pushes Sarla, who saves him from Karan’s anger. He tries to snatch the purse again. Karan doesn’t spare him this time. The thief threatens to harm Karan. Sarla worries for Karan.

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She tells the thief that she will give the purse, but he has to leave Karan. Karan asks her not to do wrong. Sarla reminds him that he always does wrong. She asks the thief to leave Karan. The cafe owner calls the police there. The police reaches there and catches the thief. They arrest the thief. Karan gets into his rockstar mode and gets selfies clicked by his fans. Sarla thanks him for help. Rishabh tries to talk to Karan.

He gets a call from his office. He rushes for his work. The family worries for Sarla. Sarla reaches home and finds her daughters too worried. They ask her how did she get so late. Sarla tells that she is absolutely fine. She explains that she worries for them the same way, when they don’t answer calls and return home late. Dadi asks why did she get late. Sarla thinks to not mention about meeting Karan. She lies to them.

Janki asks her to tell the truth, if someone tried to steal the purse. Preeta finds Sarla hurt. They ask Sarla to tell the truth. Sarla reveals the theft incident. Preeta gets relieved that Sarla isn’t much harmed. Sarla asks them not to get stressed. She tells that she had seen Karan’s car. She asks if he had come home. Preeta gets speechless. Shrishti tells that he had come to invite Preeta for his wedding. Rishabh tells Kareena that he needs to go to office. She doesn’t want him to go.

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The family asks him to stay with the family, when they have to manage everything. Rishabh gives up. Kritika finds Mahira and Sherlyn getting friendly. She doesn’t like them. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Kritika is Preeta’s devotee. The family thinks where did Karan go. Karan returns home. They question him about his leaving. Karan tells that he had gone to invite someone special. Mahira asks who is that special person. Karan tells that he went to invite Preeta. They get confused by his emotions. Sarla asks Preeta if Karan has gone mad to invite Preeta. She doesn’t want Preeta to go there. She condemns Karan’s move.

Sarla tells that Preeta isn’t Karan’s wife. Shrishti tells that if Preeta isn’t Karan’s wife, then she should go in the wedding. Sarla scolds her for deciding about Preeta. Preeta tells Sarla that she doesn’t want to go. Sarla wants Preeta to stick to her words. Preeta thinks of Karan. Luthras question Karan about his move. Kareena reminds Karan that Preeta doesn’t want his marriage to happen, how she had created drama to stop his marriage. She asks him why did he invite Preeta, which would mean destruction for himself.

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