Latest Ishq Mein Marjawa Vansh nabs his hidden enemy

Latest Ishq Mein Marjawa Vansh nabs his hidden enemy

Latest Ishq Mein Marjawa Vansh nabs his hidden enemy Riddhima meets Kabir after he secretly sneaks into Vansh’s mansion. Kabir tells her that he would take her along by aborting the mission. Riddhima thinks there is still a chance to expose Vansh and get evidences against him. She wants to try another time. She tells Kabir that she will not leave so soon. She stays back while Kabir makes an exit by misleading Vansh again.

He earlier named Aryan as Vansh’s enemy and now frames Ishani. Vansh gets suspecting his siblings than Riddhima. He doesn’t think Riddhima can plan so much. Still, he holds some doubt on Riddhima too. Ishani tells Vansh that Riddhima is the person spying on him and one day he will get cheated. Vansh feels he has a good sense to judge people. He leaves Riddhima with a warning. Dadi wishes that someone teaches relation-keeping to her family.

Vansh wants to find about the intruder. He isn’t aware of Kabir. He falls for Riddhima on seeing her in the garden. He loses his focus and gets a neck sprain. Riddhima goes to help him out, being a physiotherapist. She relieves his pain and bonds with him. Vansh feels like trusting her. He thinks of a way to track her truth. He gifts her a phone and tells her that its a sign that he has faith on her. Riddhima refuses to the gift at first. She then accepts the phone in Siya’s request. Riddhima thinks Vansh is really trusting her.

She doesn’t think that it maybe his conspiracy. She calls up Kabir through the new phone. She feels free to talk to Kabir by her own phone anytime she wants. Kabir receives her call and learns that its her, she is speaking by the phone gifted by Vansh. She tells him that Vansh started trusting her and very soon she will reach his secrets. Kabir understands that its a big trap by Vansh, he would be tracking his location through the call. He asks Riddhima to know Vansh’s plans and stay alert. He tries to get someone in his location at the time when Vansh’s men arrive. Vansh tracks his location and sends his men to catch Kabir.

Vansh calls Riddhima and tells his plan of getting her loved one caught through the phone call. Riddhima gets a shock. She can’t believe Vansh’s smartness. She imagines Kabir getting caught by Vansh. She doesn’t want Kabir to get punished and lose his life. Riddhima rushes to save Kabir. Vansh meets her and welcomes her to show his enemy. Kabir tricks Vansh again. Riddhima stays in Vansh’s good books. Who will get framed this time? Keep reading.

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