Ishq Mein Marjawa 2 Vansh declares to marry Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawa 2 Vansh declares to marry Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawa 2 Vansh declares to marry Riddhima 30th July 2020 Vansh doesn’t let Riddhima go away from his mansion. He cages her. He tells her that he won’t allow her to fly out of his cage, he will decide when to leave her free, which can happen when either of them dies. He tells her that he rejects her resignation, he will decide her fate. She asks him not to proclaim himself as God, he can’t decide anyone’s fate like that. He gets angered seeing her attitude. He tells her that if she hates his name, then she will be known by his name from now, she will be becoming his wife and get his surname added to her name.

He calls her Mrs. Riddhima Vansh RaiSinghania, much to her shock. He forces the decision of marriage on her. He declares that they will be getting married in three days from now. Riddhima can’t believe this shocking news. She refuses to marry him. She asks him the reason for taking such a decision, if its out of revenge or ego. She asks him not to decide in haste and ruin her life. He gets mad at her.

He tells her that once she came into the mansion, she has become his puppet, he will decide when will she leave. He frees her to think of anything about his decision, he has no problem with her thinking. He just wants her to be ready for the marriage. He leaves no option for her. He tells her that she can’t escape from his mansion.

He also threatens to get her loved ones killed. She remembers Kabir and their love vows. She doesn’t want Vansh to harm Kabir. She cries a lot because of Vansh’s madness. She wants him to realize that he is being wrong with her. She doesn’t want to marry him. Vansh hurries with the arrangements. He tells his decision to the family. Dadi objects to him since he didn’t ask for Riddhima’s consent. She tells him what marriage means for the guy, girl and their families. She wants him to take Riddhima’s consent. Vansh gets speechless when Dadi explains him that marriage isn’t a forced relation, it can never be.

Fierce Vansh feels sorry for a second. Siya tells Dadi that Vansh decided to rush since he fell in love with Riddhima. Vansh wants to deny to it, but stays silent. Dadi tells him that if its his love, then she will not go against his decision. She wants to support his love, after all she also likes Riddhima. Dadi and Siya support Vansh in his decision. Riddhima feels broken to imagine her life with Vansh. She feels he is a devil who has no emotions for others. She knows its impossible to leave from his cage. She still struggles to get free.

She vents out her anger. Vansh’s family discusses his choice, Riddhima and holds mixed opinions. Dadi supports Riddhima. Riddhima and Kabir continue to miss each other. Kabir thinks he has put Riddhima in big risk. Riddhima wishes to see him. Vansh doubts that she is hiding something and is sure to find the truth once he marries Riddhima and owns her life. He is ready to cross any limit to reach her truth.

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